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Professional translation of academic documents

International collaboration between universities, institutes, and research facilities continues to grow in importance. To ensure smooth communication, many academic works must often be available in one or multiple languages.

The translation agency Fasttranslator specializes in the translation of academic texts and takes on the translations of bachelors, masters, and diploma theses as well as textbooks, articles, summaries, abstracts, papers, scientific studies, lectures, presentations, etc.

Our translators represent almost every subject area including economics, law, politics, social sciences, engineering, linguistics, education, psychology, etc. Simply send us your request by email. We would be happy to provide you with a free and non binding quote.

Scientific works

Scientific works are composed by scientists as a means of presenting the results of their work and research. Most of these individuals are either students or teachers at private or public research institutes. Universities are the most common and well-known of the aforementioned public facilities. However, you don’t have to be affiliated with a research institute to compose a scientific work. The word “scientific” simply means that the work has been done systematically and methodically, that all sources have been cited, and that the potential experiments can be repeated. Depending on the respective subject area in which the work is written there are differences in methodology. However, one condition must be met regardless of the subject: The work must be entirely objectively comprehensible.

Different types of academic works

Especially when studying at a university, you will continuously be writing academic works. Smaller works ranging from five to twenty-five pages are term papers required for seminars. These works are not meant to focus on independent research, but rather on reporting the current state of research on a scientific topic. Individual research is only done when students have the opportunities to do so. A more comprehensive final work is done at the end of one’s degree course. In a few field of studies, this is still referred to as the diploma thesis. For others, it is usually called a bachelors or masters thesis. These are somewhere between 30 and 70 pages long. Those who choose to pursue their doctorate write a dissertation which can contain several hundred pages. By completing the necessary postdoctoral thesis, one can receive a habilitation, qualifying him/her to teach a scientific subject in higher education. In addition to the previous examples, academic works also include scientific magazine articles reporting research results.

Challenges and solutions in the professional translation of academic works

Just as academic works call for high standards, so do their translations. Because translations of this kind are often done for use in technical lectures and publications, not even the smallest mistake can be made - neither linguistic nor contextual in nature. The solution to prohibit linguistic mistakes is to have translators translate the works exclusively into their native tongues. Even after years of practicing a foreign language, mistakes in expression can still occur.

Technical errors, such as incorrect use or omission of subject specific vocabulary, must also be avoided. This is guaranteed if the translator has a university education in the corresponding subject area. For this reason, they are familiar with the material and the accompanying technical vocabulary. Therefore, for us, it makes perfect sense to have native speaking professionals translate scientific works. If this is still not enough, clients may include a Glossary with their request that will be used during the translation as a reference. This glossary lists important terms along with their appropriate meanings. As a result, word meanings are clearly understood, thereby eliminating the remaining possibility for translation mistakes. If you still have questions regarding the translation of academic works, our project managers are readily available for you. You can reach us by phone and by email. We look forward to hearing from you!

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