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Many students opt for a master's degree after successful completion of a Bachelor's degree. The reasons are manifold. Some want to specialize in a particular area, others hope for better opportunities in the labor market and others want to enjoy some more time as a student. Since the master's degree can be completed in a period of usually two years, the student must deal with the topic of the thesis at an early point in time, usually. The master's thesis is a scientific document in which the student should demonstrate not only the qualities with regard to the scientific work but also by incorporating scientific methods in a topic area. The master’s thesis demonstrates personal competence and through the creation of a new piece of theory which contributes to the steady expansion of knowledge in the given area. The thesis is usually fifty to a hundred pages plus annex and should be completed within six months. You have the choice between a purely theoretical work, which itself is written or contains a theme which is developed in cooperation with a company and usually a practical part where the company uses the component for its own purposes. The latter variant is often rewarded. To complete the master’s thesis, the student is not alone because he is coached by an expert professor.

International differences

Theses are commonplace and required in many countries to achieve the academic title. Usually, the work is supervised and supported by a professor. In some countries, the student is obliged to first perform a search on the topic, to write a multi-page paper in order to persuade professors as to the worthiness of the topic. Also, differences in length and in the structural design of the thesis can be found in international comparison. However, it is common in all countries that the master’s thesis is a piece of scientific, intellectual work.

Challenges in the translation of master's theses

More and more young people are going abroad. Study programs offer increasingly better opportunities by supporting students through university, international university networks, and international scholarships. A new trend is developing in the area of working abroad after graduation. Increasingly, the prospective employer is interested in the content of the master thesis, but usually speaks a different language. To make this information available, it is often necessary to translate the master’s thesis. Some translate the summary which is sufficient, but oftentimes the entire document must be translated. Many students attempt to translate the master’s thesis independently; however, this does not lead to the best result. The difficulty of the translation of a master's thesis in another language requires, in addition to a very high level of language, knowledge of technical terms. If you want a truly professional result, students and potential employers must consult with a translation agency. Our translation service completes professional translation of master's theses and scientific works exclusively with native-speaking professionals. We translate to and from about 150 language, including master’s theses in all disciplines. We pay particular attention that the respective translator has the necessary knowledge of the academic discipline in which your master thesis is written. We guarantee the high quality of our translations. Do you want a free offer or a free consultation? We're happy for you! Contact us!

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