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Terminology management

Terminology is a company’s linguistic business card.

Terminology is the flagship and the business card of a company. It should always be used consistently. Terminology management helps your organization standardize its terminology, bring order to its corporate language, and strengthen its corporate identity.

The importance of terminology management to professional translation

The terms we have in our minds must have concrete names in practice. Think of a simple example such as "case." The term may be perfectly clear in your head. You think of a courtroom or a container. This example proves the importance of designating terms with concrete names. Using ambiguous language can lead to problems, particularly in professional translations. When translating the English word “silk” into German, it can be taken out of context and translated to mean a certain type of smooth fabric, when, in the medical context, “silk” refers to a type of suture. This can result in hospital brochures displaying false names and confusion for patients and staff. High-quality translations must therefore employ correct and consistent terminology. For optimal translation procedure, the translation agency Fasttranslator offers you professional terminology management that will facilitate order in your corporate language.

The translation agency Fasttranslator - we support you with competent terminology management

You are interested in structuring your corporate language and pooling your company’s agreed upon terms into a terminology database? With the help of innovative terminology tools, our professional terminologists are able to compile databases, glossaries, and terminology lists. These resources ensure that translations are done uniformly and can be integrated into projects in marketing, for example. Your documents are consistently and efficiently translated with a high level of quality. Terminology management also positively affects translation costs, because it detects repetitions and calculates them with a lower price per word.

Terminology extraction

Our terminologists extract possible inclusions to the terminology database from your existing documents. Other than that, you determine which names, meanings, abbreviations, and acronyms are to be kept and then formulate a database that holds your company-specific terminology. We will also assume responsibility for the ongoing maintenance of your database.

The advantages of our terminology management at a glance

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