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How to request a quote for a translation into Norwegian?

Fasttranslator Language Services

Do you need a high-quality Norwegian translation? We look forward to your call.

You can use the quote request form on this page to easily request a quote for your Norwegian translation. All you have to do is:

Then click on “finish” and your file will be sent to the project managers at our Norwegian translation agency.

We will then send you a free price quote as soon as possible. If you would like to have more than one file translated into Norwegian, you can also send us your texts directly per email. Our project managers will review your texts and email you a price quote right away.

The Fastest Translation into Contemporary Norwegian

If you are looking for a fast and accurate English – Norwegian translation, you will be directed automatically to the Fasttranslator general translation agency. We are one of the few translation agencies that operates from its own offices all over Europe. Your English-Norwegian translation will be handled with care by our office in Oslo. Our office there manages a tightly-knit network of certified translators who are native speakers of Norwegian. In addition, all translators in this network live in Norway. This means that you will receive a high-quality translation in contemporary Norwegian.

Specialists in Every Area

There is more. All translators in our network are specialized in specific areas. We work with legal, medical, literary and technical translators. There is no subject area beyond the scope of the expertise of Fasttranslator general translation agency. For example, tourism, oil, gas, the climate, the environment, durability, history, traffic, transportation and logistics, politics, sports and winter sports, etc. all fall within our areas of expertise. We guarantee that your English text will be translated by a specialist in your subject area.

Just as Affordable as Comparable Translation Agencies

In other words: Fasttranslator translation agency will provide you with a quality Norwegian translation. Nevertheless, we are no more expensive than other, comparable translation agencies. Our price per word for the English – Norwegian language pair is $ 0,29. Thus, you can calculate how much your Norwegian translation will cost based on your English text. If you would like a more detailed offer, please complete the quote request form on the right. You can also email us your English text. You will receive a response within the hour from us on business days. It couldn’t be any faster!

Other languages to Norwegian: fast, correct and competitive

Your text will be translated quickly and accurately into Norwegian by Fasttranslator translation agency in Oslo. It is quick because you can request a price quote online via our quote request form or by mailing your text. It is accurately translated because we only work with native speakers who live in Norway. It is also inexpensive… More information? Please give us a call.

Specialized in numerous subject areas

Fasttranslator translation agency is the fastest and fastest growing translation agency. We are one of the few translation agencies that has offices throughout the US and Europe. We manage a highly qualified team of translators from our Oslo office. These translators are all specialized in a certain subject area. For example, we have legal translators under contract, but we also have translators who are specialized in sports, oil and gas, nature and the environment, tourism, journalism, politics, literature, history, climate, product durability and other areas. There is no subject area for which we don’t have an experienced translator. This certainly includes your subject area.

We can offer our translation services for a competitive price. This is partly due to our size and partly due to the software that has been specifically developed for Fasttranslator translation agency. Therefore our administrative processes and invoicing have been automated so that our staff can focus on your translation project. You will see it for yourself by filling in the quote request form on this page or by mailing your text. We will send you a competitive price quote right away. You can also receive your quote more quickly by calling us. Choose Fasttranslator translation agency and you will often receive your text translated into Norwegian the same business day.

How much does a translation into Norwegian cost?

The standard rate for translations from English into Norwegian is $ 0,29 per word and for translations from Norwegian into English the industry rate is $ 0,26. For new customers or large texts (more than 5,000 words) we may significantly reduce our rates. For urgent jobs that need several translators working simultaneously, we'll apply a surcharge. For a full list of rates per language, please visit Rates table for most requested language combinations.

Professional translators prefer our translation service. Fasttranslator is a corporate member of the leading global translation society ProZ, where 42 translators have given us a score of 5,0 out 5.