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Languages are pure culture, enriching, and, in many ways, doors to new, unknown worlds. In comparison to the more accessible languages of English and French, Icelandic is still a closed book for most. This is reason enough for you to work more closely with this exotic language and to contact us if you have questions or are in need of a high quality translation into Icelandic or from Icelandic.

Icelandic tradition

Icelanders love their language. Although people also speak English in Iceland, Icelandic has prevailed since the arrival of the Vikings. This language, which is generally considered to be quite difficult, has experienced vast changes in the sound of speech. Foreign influences are mostly to blame for this. However, due to the country’s isolated location and small population, the written script has hardly changed at all. This makes it possible for many Icelandic legends and fairy tales to still be read in their original written forms. Being able to glimpse into the mythical world of the trolls in this way is a unique part of this culture’s history and something worth keeping. Even Old Norwegian is still in use here. Those who work more closely with the Icelandic language recognize there are still many letters in use that are but distant relics for the rest of Europe. Dialects like those in the United States do not exist in Iceland. Instead, minor pronunciation differences between northern and southern Iceland can be observed. The hard pronunciation is more noticeable in northern Iceland while a softer pronunciation is prevalent in the South. If you would like to have your business-related or private documents professionally translated, then you have come to the right place. Our translation agency works solely with native speaking translators who are well-versed in varying subject areas. Give us a call to receive high quality translations in the fields of medicine, technology, law, or economics.

Preserving the vocabulary

One quality that gives the Icelandic people a likable persona is the genuine way they maintain their language. You can try, but you will not find any Americanisms in this language as the people try to keep foreign words out of their language as much as possible in an effort to protect their own identity. This effort is only partially successful in that slang words have “crept” their way in. This is the case with words such as “hotel” and “kiosk.” Losing Old Icelandic words from everyday use could not be avoided unfortunately. In Iceland, a topic of interest is the depletion of the vocabulary. Originally a people made up of farmers and fishers, the Icelanders place great importance on protecting their old traditions. However, the young city-dwellers have begun to exhibit shortcomings in the language. Our translators are masters of the Icelandic language and will translate your documents with pinpoint accuracy! See for yourself by getting into contact with us here.

Our services

Finding the right language for you every time and alleviating the hassle of formatting and adjusting is what we do: The translation agency Fasttranslator. We complete your requests professionally, fast, and with excellent quality. In addition to our traditional translation services, we also offer a speedy Express Service. Other services in our repertoire include the following: Terminology Management, DTP and Foreign Language Typesetting, Language Engineering and many more. Get to know us better, see what we can do, and recommend our services to others. The project managers are on your side with help and advice. You can reach us by phone and by email. You are also welcome to send us the texts to be translated by using the request form located on the right hand side. We look forward to working with you!

How much does a translation into Icelandic cost?

The standard rate for translations from English into Icelandic is $ N,aN per word and for translations from Icelandic into English the industry rate is $ N,aN. For new customers or large texts (more than 5,000 words) we may significantly reduce our rates. For urgent jobs that need several translators working simultaneously, we'll apply a surcharge. For a full list of rates per language, please visit Rates table for most requested language combinations.

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