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Language engineering with the translation agency Fasttranslator

Language engineering is a term that describes the technical preparation of complex files for the translation process. The translation agency Fasttranslator provides you with excellent, all-inclusive service for this: before the translation, each document is carefully checked to avoid technical risks and to determine the exact cost. We will also format your documents for translation memory systems. Your terminology managers will be excited about not only this, but also that the approach ensures consistency for your translated documents - your customers will take notice of that as well. Our language engineers are experts in dealing with complex formats such as InDesign, FrameMaker, XML/HTML, PDF, and Excel.

Language engineering guarantees you fast and smooth project development. It can save you time translating while at the same time lowering your costs.

Do you have questions regarding language engineering?

If you would like to learn more about language engineering, we will happily assist you. Just send our project managers a quick email or give us a call. For our contact details, see the Fasttranslator offices in Canada section.

Professional translators prefer our translation service. Fasttranslator is a corporate member of the leading global translation society ProZ, where 42 translators have given us a score of 5,0 out 5.