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One Word for One World

Areas of Expertise

With more than 4,000 experienced translators in our database, we have expertise in almost any specialty area. We can accurately translate medical, technical, financial, legal and commercial documents into 150 different languages.

Our translators are subject matter experts and native speakers of the target. Our project managers will remain your point of contact throughout the translation process, from initial contact through final delivery.

We provide high quality translation services that require precise wording. Regardless of the size or scope of the project at hand, our mission is always to deliver the most accurate translation possible.

Here are just a few of our areas of expertise:

General Correspondence

We offer lightning-fast turnaround for translations of general correspondence. Our agency is open for business around the clock, so short letters, notes, and emails are often completed in less than a day.


Financial translations

Fasttranslator has proven experience in translating analyst reports.

There is no other subject area that has as much specialized terminology as the financial world. Its colorful terminology, for example, haute finance, alligator spread, mezzanine financing, and goldilocks economy could be very challenging. To make things even more difficult, there is a host of acronyms such as IFRS, SOX, EBIT, and EBITDA, just to name a few. Translating this type of terminology accurately requires a translation service provider with specialized translators who are well versed in the behind-the-scenes world of the stock market.

Our financial translators have in-depth knowledge and experience in translating financial documents in all language combinations. They can handle just about any text. For more information, please go to Translations in the field of Finance.

Financial translations require the highest levels of accuracy and expertise. Our database of financial translators includes experts from every sector of the industry. The diversity of expertise ensures precision and clarity in every financial translation we perform. delivers expert financial translations for:


Technical manual translations

Technical translations

We are aware of the fact that technical translations require background technical knowledge and the use of precise terminology. Our database of technical translators includes highly-qualified individuals who are fluent in the terminologies of any technological field. Upon request, we can format a technical translation to match the layout of the original.

Our technical translating expertise includes user manuals and specifications for telephone systems, printing presses, metal processing machines, consumer electronics, and the full software development cycle. We can translate XML documents, source code, multilingual surveys, OCR projects, and much more. Best of all, we keep the cost low with memory tools that allow for quick updates.

Our company has a wealth of experience in translating complex technical texts. These include texts from the nautical sector, software translations, construction drawings, user manuals for all types of equipment, safety procedures and more. The translators we assign to these types of texts are both technical specialists and certified translators. After all, you can’t translate a technical document if you don’t understand the subject matter. For more details, click on Technical Translations.

Medical / Life Sciences

Medical translations

Medical translations by professionals!

Since 2001 we have gained a vast amount of experience in medical translations. For example, we have translated hundreds of cardiology related medical reports from Polish, German and Czech into English. Other projects that stand out include the translation of the technical user documentation of CT scanners. More information is available at Medical/Life Sciences.

Our database of professional translators includes a number of highly qualified medical translators. These specialists can quickly translate medical documents and texts with utmost accuracy and precision. We ensure complete privacy and confidentiality at all times. One of our regular clients is a renowned medical research center that coordinates clinical trials for the pharmaceutical industry. For this client, we translate a large volume of medical reports and research papers resulting from the clinical trials. As a guarantee of accuracy, we require our medical translators to provide a certificate of quality for every completed translation.

Another of our medical clients is a major health insurance company that requires translations of foreign medical claims. The client trusts us to deliver flawless translations of medical documents in any language.

Our medical translation expertise includes:


Fasttranslator Language Services

Send us your documents by email. We will gladly assist you!

Legal translations are subject to special requirements regarding confidentiality and accuracy. Our legal translators are qualified to translate any type of official document or legal text. We have experience in translating for law firms, government authorities, law enforcement agencies, and other legal entities and individuals.

We can translate court documents, jurisprudence, legal tax documents, and deeds. We can arrange for notarization to certify the authenticity of the translation for international use, and we are able to provide sworn and legally certified translations upon request.

Our areas of legal translation expertise include:

Our translation agency has many years of experience in this area. For more details, please click here: Legal Translations.


Fasttranslator Language Services

We are looking forward to assist you with professional marketing translations!! Send us your text for a free quote.

Our translation agency is a living proof of a successfully expanding international company. Fasttranslator is now active in 109 countries. This would never have been possible if our services were not perfectly adapted to the local markets. If you plan to export your products or services, then the Fasttranslator translation agency is the right partner for you in translating all your marketing media. It has to be done right the first time! Marketing translation is more than just conveying context with linguistic accuracy. Translation for the purposes of marketing or advertising must reflect an awareness of the local market and consumers, including their habits, preferences, and ways of expression. The marketing message should appeal to the specific target audience. In this respect, it is absolutely necessary to work with translators who live in the target market.

Our business translators live and work in the country of their native language. Each of them knows his/her local market well and understands the psychology of the customers in it. The local focus makes our company a leader in the art of marketing translation.

Our business translation experience includes:

Click on the following link for more information about sales and marketing translations: Translations in the field of Marketing.

Human Resource Management

Do you need a translation of a diploma or a resume, an employee handbook or a lease agreement? Our translation offices will take care of that in no time. From company regulations to employment termination notices, our quality translations for your human resources department are our key to success.

Translations for human resources include a variety of areas, from employee retirement plans to insurance claims for work-related accidents. has vast experience translating HRM documents for a number of multinational companies, including a major international cable supplier.

Our HRM translation expertise includes:

Click on Human Resources Translations for more information.

Books & Magazines

The translation of books and magazines is a meticulous process. Unlike general projects that require short delivery times, an entire book or magazine requires a bit more time to achieve the "perfect" translation. We have experience in translating books and magazines on topics ranging from home-made fashions to auto sports and beyond. We have experts who can translate articles from a wide variety of fields. Our Project Managers can locate a qualified translation specialist for any topic.


Translating a patent or a thesis requires more work by the translator, therefore it costs more and takes longer to complete. This type of specialized translation is done in close collaboration with the author of the text. We will contact you if the translator has any questions about the source text. We will also let you know if the subject matter goes beyond even our level of knowledge, or if the deadline is unrealistic. Please click on the following link for more information Scientific translation agency.

Special Projects is not intimidated by any language translation project. Big or small, complex or simple -- every job is special to us. Our portfolio currently comprises 150 different languages and dialects, including many popular and lesser-known. The expertise of our translators encompasses every type of industry and science in the world. These qualities make us a leading international translation service provider.

Count on us for accurate and professional translations in any language.

Professional translators prefer our translation service. Fasttranslator is a corporate member of the leading global translation society ProZ, where 42 translators have given us a score of 5,0 out 5.