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DTP/foreign language typesetting

After translating layout files like brochures, handbooks, magazines, catalogs, or packaging, foreign language text is then incorporated into the layout file, or the so-called DTP (desktop publishing) typesetting. It can happen that the target text length differs from that of the original text and no longer fits the original layout. In this case, it is necessary to reformat. It can be even more complex with translations into Arabic or Russian, as these languages are written with different characters. For successful DTP typesetting, high linguistic proficiency is needed in addition to technical know-how.

Our translation service is your professional partner for this! We employ necessary technical expertise and the latest technology and programs, and we have a qualified team of translators, DTP specialists, and language technologists. Our services include text conversion, image processing, and the integration of foreign language typesetting into different file formats such as FrameMaker, InDesign, HTML, XML, etc.

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