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One Word for One World

Translations in the field of natural sciences

More than biology, chemistry, and physics

The term refers to all scientific areas which examine all circumstances in connection with biological or even inanimate nature and to explain such circumstances scientifically. These studies are not only supported by observations, measurements, and experiments but also by mathematical methods of analysis. Physics and chemistry, which make the inanimate natural science fields of study, as well as biology, belong to the fields of classical science. These "Three Musketeers of Science" are extended by younger fields of scientific study: The environmental sciences are considered to be natural sciences such as geology, astrology, but also complementary research is conducted in areas such as biochemistry. Just like the growth of applications in the natural sciences, there is also growing demand for professional translations in the field of the natural sciences. To ensure high-quality technical translations, you have to pay particular attention to the choice of the translator. Our translations are completed with pinpoint accuracy and are completed by specialists in the natural sciences field, and we only employ mother tongue translators with relevant scientific knowledge. Lab reports, soil samples, or building instructions - our project managers will always find the right translator. See for yourself and contact us now. We are looking forward to your call and speaking with you one-on-one about the details of your project or ongoing requirements. If you’d like a quote, simply send the document to be translated by using the form on the right or by email.

More than just the science of nature

The natural sciences are differentiated from the social sciences and humanities, but at the same time the natural sciences form an established field of research which focuses on nature and attempts to explain or describe nature in theory. Using empirical methods, different natural scientists not only study nature but they also want take advantage of beneficial natural phenomena and thus provide a basis for further studies. With deep scientific research, natural scientists are going beyond their own area to have positive influence in other areas of knowledge as well. Therefore, researchers have succeeded, on the basis of the study of nature, to provide important knowledge to the fields of medicine or pharmacy, to gain new insights, and to develop drugs and drug treatments to combat diseases. Technology and especially mechanical engineering have both considerably relied on key features of nature. The field of biology has also evolved a consciousness which recognize the world as a whole. From this standpoint, environmental protection and also the materials science have both evolved.

Science and economy go hand in hand

The objective of any natural scientist is, therefore, not only to explain nature and its unique features but also provide forecasts and constant developments with the positive synergy effects of interdisciplinary scientific study and teachings. This development clearly shows that the natural sciences exert an effect not only on technology, medicine, and environmental but also on socio-economic status as well as influence on the economy. Education is becoming increasingly important and so is the protection of the environment. The aircraft and automotive industries can hardly be thought of without environmental protection, and therefore also influences the economy. Likewise, alternative energy is more and more appreciated. A good company in the pharmaceutical industry can be economically successful only in collaboration with ongoing development in the natural sciences. Not only for this reason, scientists are increasingly in demand in the economy as a whole. Be flexible in your thinking - this is what the modern world requires of companies. With the combination of logical thinking, analytical skills, the readiness to take on complex problems, and sufficient stamina are all a must in order to find groundbreaking solutions and to operate successfully on the market. Exactly these qualities and attributes are what recruiters are looking for when prospecting scientists. Therefore, just as many natural scientists as economic experts are now in the boardroom at most reputable companies.

We translate your texts reliably and according to highest standards

Often, there is content in translations for the natural sciences that is more sensitive and needs to be translated with the utmost care. This is daily business for us. Most times, our customers like to learn more about our standard-compliant translations. Again, this is not a problem for our professionals. We translate your documents according to international translation standard. This standard places special demands on the quality and resource management of our translation agency and also requires additional quality assurance for any translation. We will consult with you regarding our services and look forward to your call.

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