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The Burmese language

The Burmese language belongs to the Tibeto-Burman language family and is spoken in Myanmar. This family includes multiple languages, some of which are spoken by large groups of people and others by smaller groups located in very isolated regions. Of the Tibeto-Burman languages, Burmese is the most widespread. Burmese is the official language in Myanmar, also known as Birma or Burma. Burmese is the mother tongue for 35 million people, collectively, while about 50 million speak it as their second language. If you are you in need of professional translations into or from Burmese, get into contact with us now. Send us the text you would like to have translated along with the desired delivery date by email or by using the request form on the right hand side and you will receive a free quote from us.

Unique aspects of the Burmese language

Burmese belongs to the tonal languages of Southeast Asia. This means that spoken language relies on the lengths, rises, falls, and volume of pitch as well as how long vowels are held to convey meaning. Therefore, assigning different intonations to vowels can change the meaning of an expression entirely. For example, the same consonant and vowel sequence can mean “fee” as well as “shake”. These linguistic features cause problems for Americans when learning languages from this language family. Burmese has its own script. The Burmese language, the oldest written evidence of which dates back to the twelfth century, was first printed in the early nineteenth century. The script is made up of characters. There are numerous features unique to Burmese which is common for the Southeast Asian region in that all of the languages spoken and written there have their own special characteristics in sound and writing. Therefore, it is especially important to only assign mother tongue translators to translate into Burmese.

Count on highly professional translations

Even though Burmese is spoken by more than 80 million people, collectively, professional translators for the language are not easy to find. We are still sure to find the right translator for every project. Select your desired language combination from over 150 languages. The skilled, native speaking translators we assign to your Burmese translations possess professional experience and are highly qualified. We are able to offer you translations by native speakers into Burmese for a large number of subject areas.

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