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Valencian Language Translations by Fasttranslator

Valencian serves as the means of communication in Valencia, an autonomous community in Spain. It is important to note however, that this language is very closely tied to and a variant of Catalan which has settled into the region surrounding Valencia. Presently, Valencian is the official language of Valencia along with Spanish. The language is more widespread in the North of the region, as well as in the areas of Ribera Alta and Ribera Baixa, which are located more to the South of the Valencia region. Are you in need of a high quality translation of a text into or from Valencian? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Differences between the Valencian and the Catalan Languages

Generally, dialects of the Valencian language can differ from village to village, which is why there is no political border between the Catalan or Valencian speaking regions. The Valencian Language is therefore extremely similar to the language spoken in Western Catalonia. The most apparent, unique aspects of the Valencian language lie in its vocabulary and grammar. A few of these peculiarities have even made their way into the standard language, for example, the way possessive pronouns “my, your, his/her” are written. In general, the spelling is identical to that of the Catalan language, although there are some words that are completely different.

Differentiation from Catalan is a political topic of growing importance because many Valencians have the opinion that their language is separate from and should not be treated as if it were a part of Catalan. We work exclusively with native speaking translators who are familiar with the unique linguistic characteristics of the Valencian language and can accurately translate your text. Contact us now and discuss the specifics of your project with our experienced project managers.

Traditions and Multilingualism

Since the beginning of the 1990s, Valencia, like Catalonia, has practiced bilingual education. This means that both the Valencian and Spanish languages are used for instruction. Occasionally, Spanish is even considered a foreign language in schools, which can cause major problems for students from other regions of Spain. Valencian is used more and more in the media as well; recently, there have been TV channels broadcasting exclusively in Valencian. Therefore, translations into and from Valencian are increasingly growing in demand. We offer professional translations in all subject areas; contact our experienced project managers now.

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