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English is spoken all over the world. However, the language is not the same everywhere. There are just as many differences between Australian and American English as there are between British and American English. Australia has a long history as the penal colony of the British Crown, later becoming part of the Commonwealth. The English language arrived in Australia with the colonization of New South Wales in the seventeenth century. Thanks to the steady stream of settlers coming to Australia from other parts of the British Empire, the language developed independently, yet underwent the same basic changes as in other parts of the world. If you need a perfect translation into or form Australian English, you’ve come to the right place. Our native-speaking translators are familiar with all of the intricate characteristics of Australian English and can accurately translate any text. Give it a try and send us your text by email or with the help of the form located on the right hand side. We are happy to advise you by phone as well.

Influences from other languages

Australia is the land of the Aboriginal people. The continent had already been settled, when the so-called "Terra Australis" was discovered. Australia's indigenous population speaks more than two hundred different languages and, before the suppression by European settlers, had many different cultures, which varied greatly between the individual Islands and on the continent as well. It was these different peoples, different cultures, and a large variety of Australian languages that shaped Australian English into what it is today. In Australia, many words that have made their way into the normal, everyday spoken language come from the Australian languages. If you would like to have a text professionally translated into Australian English, you should only entrust your documents with an Australian native speaker. He or she will know the specific features of the language and be able to convey the right tone. However, a perfect translation isn’t only defined by correct use of grammar and vocabulary. The translator also has to be up to date on the content. Therefore, in addition to their academic training, all of our translators possess additional qualifications in varying subject areas such as medicine and engineering. Contact our expert project managers and receive individual assistance. You are welcome to email us the texts you would like to have translated or with the request form located on the right hand side. You will then receive a non-binding quote from us.

The linguistic melting pot

Other population groups in Australia have brought their own languages as well. Because the continent was first settled with Irish prisoners from the lower class, the pronunciation of Australian English strongly differs from that of textbook British English. In the written language, some words simply have different meanings than in Standard English and other words have been adopted from other languages. Seven percent of the population comes from Asian countries and they brought their culture and language with them. The crossover of these terms into Australian English is inevitable.

You can, of course, communicate in Australia using British English - the standard language. But at times it's necessary to take the local language tastes into account. This is not only to flatter the person with whom you are communicating, but also for the mere sake of comprehension. Local language tastes are often incredibly specific. Surely you know the difference between a watering hole and a Billabong or a throwing stick and a boomerang? This language’s intricacies go beyond these fairly popular terms. Therefore you should only entrust your translation with a native speaking translator, who is familiar with these subtleties. Contact us for more information! We look forward to working with you.

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