One Word for One World
One Word for One World

Custom Translation Services for the European Market

We Know What’s Important

A business partner in Japan, a customer in Sweden, a supplier in Chile - global trade is no longer a thing of the future. Anyone planning to be internationally successful must be able to communicate with his counterparts. We can help you out with this. Our translations are what they should be: professional, accurate, and delivered on time. In order to achieve these measures of quality, we begin with the most important one – understanding your needs. Do you need a document like a contract or company brochure to be available in multiple languages? We customize and adapt our translations to your needs. Our experienced project managers can find a solution for every project. Give us a chance to show you what we can do for you. We look forward to your call!

What Sets Us Apart

Translation is not just about matching word-for-word, and not every translator can translate every text. There are several elements to be taken into consideration that distinguish an acceptable translation from one of high quality. One of the most important criteria is the right language combination. It is not only important for the translator to be a native speaker of a language, but he must also speak the respective professional slang. For example, if you need a text relevant to marketing in the United States, we will employ an American translator. This translator has grown up speaking American English and naturally mastered its unique characteristics. He knows the culture and can strike the right chord. Yet the language itself is not the only component needed to achieve great results. The translator must also possess the appropriate subject knowledge. After all, a translator is only able to adequately translate a text if he/she is able to grasp its content. Every one of our translators specializes in one or more subject areas.

Our project managers make sure your project runs smoothly and provide you with guidance from start to finish. They prepare the document for translation and then concentrate their efforts on the appropriate layout.

Translations Compliant to Standards Stipulated by DIN EN 15038

We believe quality to be the most important aspect of translation. We offer translations in accordance with the European DIN EN 15038 for you to be able to take part in standard-compliant business with your partners. This calls for the translation to be proofread by a second native-speaking translator. Additionally, our technical and human resources as well as our quality and project management abide by DIN CERTCO standards. Find us there under the registration number 7U457.

Test our capabilities and send us the text you would like translated by e-mail or by using the request form on the right-hand side. We will also gladly advise you by phone.

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