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The food industry: An influential industry with many segments

The increasing importance of professional translations in the food industry

Every day, many sectors of the economy render impressive services in order to ensure high food quality, to take care of and protect our environment, and to enforce a sustainable economic system on behalf of consumers and future generations. These sectors include agriculture, fish farming and fishing, the production and processing of food items and luxury foods such as beverages, the transport and storage of food goods, grocery retail and wholesale, catering, and the production, maintenance, and repair of equipment, machines, devices, and systems. International connections within the food industry also lead to a growth in demand for high quality translations. This means documents in all subject areas have to be translated into the many languages of the world. We are the right partner for every kind of translation. In addition to legal contracts, we will also translate medical texts like lab reports as well as technical documents such as instructions for special machines. Contact us by phone or by E-Mail and we will be happy to advise you individually and in detail.

Well organized and a strong advocacy group

Important sub-sectors of this industry are meat and meat products, milk, desserts and baked goods, the production of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, as well as the processing of fruits and vegetables. Medium-sized and large companies implement their own Marketing strategies . A large number of nationwide advertisements and label activities are developed and supported by organizations and associations. The industry makes use of extensive lobbying and is considered to be influential.

Innovations providing more product variety, quality, and efficiency

Rapid scientific, mechanical, and technological progress has maintained full speed in all sectors of the food industry. This progress is characterized by product developments, new, gentle methods of preservation, and innovative computer-controlled machines, devices, systems, and processes. Most if not all institutes of higher education offer newly designed degree paths to train specialists and executives (for example process technicians, food chemists, and maintenance experts). Along with large companies, another particular part of the international association are the important topics of basic and applied research as well as development and trial testing. High quality translations are especially important for international cooperation with business partners and clients. Basic legal aspects aren’t the only elements to pay close attention to because regional characteristics are often essential for a good translation as well. Our native speaking and academically trained translators possess extensive experience and will translate your texts with speed and expertise. Give us a try and send us the text you would like to have translated by email or by using the request form located on the right hand side of this page. You will then receive a personalized quote from us in return. We are looking forward to working with you!

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