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One Word for One World

Film Projects, Stage Directions, Scripts – Cinematic Translations from Fasttranslator

Translations of screenplays, stage directions, dialogues etc. must read authentically so that the intentions as well as the created atmosphere have the same effect on viewers (or listeners) in the target language. Therefore, it's of the utmost importance that the texts be completed by professional native speakers who possess the necessary linguistic flair and expertise.

Editing multimedia texts for dubbing, Voice-Over, subtitling etc. requires the use of specialists, who are accustomed to the different types of cinematic texts (E.g. scripts, storyboards, stage directions, etc.) and have experience translating them.

We have translators in our database for every subject area and virtually any language combination. See for yourself and get into contact with one of our project managers. You can find our addresses and phone numbers, here: Fasttranslator offices in Canada . Feel free to use the request form located on the right hand side to send us your request.

At your request, we would be happy to send you a list of references.

And of course, your information, data, and files will all be handled with absolute confidentiality.

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Professional translators prefer our translation service. Fasttranslator is a corporate member of the leading global translation society ProZ, where 42 translators have given us a score of 5,0 out 5.