One Word for One World
One Word for One World

How do we guarantee the best translation into Dutch?

We are a specialized translation agency with an extensive database of translators. We translate from practically any language into Dutch. Characteristic to our method is that we review each project individually and select the best translator for the project. For example, we will select a technical translator for a technical text and a medical translator for a medical text. Actually, there is no subject area that we do not have covered. In addition to using specialized translators, we can also consider the nationality of the recipient or target audience for your text. If you would like a Flemish translation, we will assign your text to a Belgian translator. Please let us know if that is the case so that we can keep it in mind.

For all translations into Dutch, we only work with senior translators whose native language is Dutch and whose second language is the language of the source text.

Specialists Know the Hidden Meanings

Fasttranslator general translation agency has a closely knit network of qualified Dutch translators in the Netherlands. Each of them is specialized in different subject areas. This means that the translator understands the nuances and hidden meanings of the English text. For example, a legal text will only be translated by someone with a background in law; a technical text will only be handled by someone with a technical background, a medical text by someone with expertise in the medical field, and so on. We have extensive contact with translators in the areas of sports, culture, politics, literature, the shipping and airline industry, nature and the environment, traffic and transportation, tourism, history and more. These specialists know the hidden nuances of English.

How Much Does a Translation into Dutch Cost?

The standard rate for translations from English into Dutch is $ 0,22 per word and for translations from Dutch into English the industry rate is $ 0,22. For new customers or large texts (more than 5,000 words), we may significantly reduce our rates. For urgent jobs that need several translators working simultaneously, we will apply a surcharge. For a full list of rates per language, please visit Rates table for most requested language combinations.

Specialized Translators Know What Is Important

We have a large network of translators in the Netherlands with extensive knowledge in their fields of specialization. A professional translator first reads the English text through to understand any potential issues and only then begins translating. We have specialized translators for each field. Thus a legal text would be translated by a translator who has sufficient knowledge in jurisprudence, a technical text by a translator with a technical background, and a medical text by someone who has the appropriate knowledge in the medical field. We maintain close contacts with translators specializing in sports, culture, politics, literature, shipping, air transportation, nature and the environment, traffic and transport, tourism, and history, among other fields of specialization. Thanks to their higher education in translation, specialized technical translators know where to pay closer attention, something one doesn't learn during other programs of higher education or at work.

Last But not least

Fasttranslator, Inc. has its own subsidiary in The Netherlands. You can see a literal Dutch translation of Fasttranslator in Dutch below. Feel free to give our colleagues in Amsterdam a call.

Professional translators prefer our translation service. Fasttranslator is a corporate member of the leading global translation society ProZ, where 42 translators have given us a score of 5,0 out 5.