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Arabic translations

Arabic is an official language in 27 different countries around the world, and as many as 422 million people speak its various dialects. Most of these speakers live in the Middle East and North African countries such as Egypt and Algeria. Children in the Arab world learn regional varieties of Arabic as their first language and learn the universal Modern Standard Arabic in school. Classical Arabic is the written form of the language, and it has changed very little since it was used to write the Quran in the 7th century.

Experienced Professional Translators

Fasttranslator's network of thousands of freelance translators includes plenty of Arabic experts. We can translate any variety of Arabic both from and into every language on Earth. All of our translators are native speakers to ensure that translated texts have a natural and authentic flow. We also make sure they have the education and experience necessary to produce flawless text. Many of our Arabic translators are specialists in certain subject areas. If your project requires advanced knowledge of law, business, medicine, or any other specialized subject area, we can find a qualified candidate for the job.

No matter how long a project is, we make sure it is completed before the deadline. We can usually translate emails and other short texts by the end of the day. Our translators generate more than 274.000 translated words per day, and even the longest projects are completed at an impressive rate. One of our highly skilled project managers is assigned to every job to make sure projects are completed successfully within the specified time frame. Project managers are also available throughout the translation process to provide answers to any questions that the client may have.

What does a translation into Arabic cost?

The standard rate for translations from English into Arabic is $ 0,27 per word and for translations from Arabic into English the industry rate is $ 0,24. For new customers or large texts (more than 5,000 words) we may significantly reduce our rates. For urgent jobs that need several translators working simultaneously, we'll apply a surcharge. For a full list of rates per language, please visit Rates table for most requested language combinations.

Contact Fasttranslator Now for a Quote

If you would like an accurate quote for an Arabic translation project, send us the text in an email or through our website's quote request form. We will use factors such as the word count and the languages involved to provide you with an accurate price. The quote will be sent to you within the hour, and there are never any fees or obligations. Once you agree to the price, we will send you an invoice that includes all of the details of the project. Fasttranslator has offices in major cities throughout the world, including an Arabic translation agency. That agency will coordinate with our offices in New York, Pasadena, Westlake Village, Houston, and Arlington to make sure you receive a translated text that fully meets your needs.

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Professional translators prefer our translation service. Fasttranslator is a corporate member of the leading global translation society ProZ, where 42 translators have given us a score of 5,0 out 5.