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The Bachelor thesis is often the first major scientific work of students. Young scientists prove they are able to solve a problem scientifically and independently. The formal, linguistic, and visual design of the academic work are very important in addition to the content. It is assumed that the work will not encounter a large readership. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, the translation of the thesis into English is particularly important. Therefore, it is important to take absolute care and professionalism with the translation. A poor translation distorts the quality of work, the semantic content, and therefore also the importance for science. A translator must not only bring sufficient language skills, but also necessary expertise to the translation of theses. Need your Bachelor's thesis translated? Then you have found the right agency. We select your translator from over 4.200 native translators to provide the best for your translation. Want a free quote? Simply send us your text by email. We will consult and advise you in advance by phone.

The Bachelor's thesis at a glance

The Bachelor thesis is a scientific thesis which must be completed to obtain the degree of Bachelor. Its range varies greatly depending on the area of study. A student is usually required to write between thirty and eighty pages. The size of the work primarily depends on the problem itself and upon less formally specified criteria. The Bachelor thesis is similar to other scientific works. It begins with an introduction that explains the problem and presents the objective. Also, the underlying methodology should be part of the introduction. This is followed by the main body. The main body serves the purpose of presenting the main investigation and, where appropriate, to derive conclusions. In the conclusion, the results are summarized again and a glimpse of further questions and applications of the theme are given.

The Bachelor thesis in an international context

The Bachelor thesis is internationally recognized as the concluding work of bachelor’s studies. Usually this degree and related scientific work precedes a master's degree. Modern courses of study are designed according to international standards. In this case, there are only a few differences which relate to the thesis itself. The most common difference is usually the name of the work. In Europe, the thesis is called a bachelor thesis while in other countries it is known as a dissertation, paper, essay, project, or senior thesis. In regards to the structure and scope as well as in the professorial advising and the time spent there can be international differences. These can not only vary from university to university but also from specialty to specialty.

Challenges in the Translation of the Bachelor thesis

Scientific work requires a high level of professionalism in translation. It is not enough to simply engage native speakers to translate, but translators must be able to properly incorporate linguistic differences into the translation.. Not only must the language be translated, it is absolutely required to master the topic of the Bachelor thesis for an accurate translation. Care in the use of terminology is necessary so that the results of the work are translated.. These specialist terms provide the greatest challenge towards the translation of the Bachelor thesis. Therefore, our translators have relevant knowledge in at least one specialist area.


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