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Swiss German is spoken by approximately ninety percent of the German population in Switzerland. Usage of standard German decreases more and more especially in spoken German and particularly in Switzerland. Swiss German has a variety of standalone vocabulary and makes it particularly difficult to German speakers from other regions. Additionally, Swiss Germans amongst themselves even have some communication problems. Translations into Swiss German and from Swiss German should only be completed by professional native translators, coming from the region and who know the language very well. You are in a position to translate your texts with complete accuracy. You must know that "Anke" is not only a name, but also simply means "Butter" in "Schwitzerdütsch" (Swiss German). We have native language professionals who translate texts from different areas in addition to specific culinary texts. We translate your legal, medical and business-related texts taking into account the technical vocabulary and only use translators that have the appropriate expertise. If you need a high-quality translation, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can reach our experienced project managers by phone and by email. Let us advise you about your translations or simply send us your text. We offer a no obligation quote with a very quick response time.

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Our efficient project management ensures a smooth and very rapid process of translation. Both our translators and our project managers work with the latest technology. In addition, we take advantage of time shift across different time zones. Our translators work all over the world and finish your translations in part "overnight." Therefore urgent translations are no problem for us. Our professional translation agency masters each project - from translation of menus to translations of balance sheets, and on to the more stylish translation of the love letters of your ancestors. See our skills in action and send us your text by email or by using the form on the right side. We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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Many official documents, such as divorce or birth certificates must not only be translated but also oftentimes certified so that they are legally recognized by authorities. Such certifications may only be completed for a District Court by a 'publicly ordered and sworn' translator. We also offer other services in the field of translation, include among others, terminology management, DTP/foreign language typesetting and language engineering. For terminology management, our terminologists provide uniform terminology within your company. They create so-called translation-memory systems (TMs). Language engineering refers to the technical processing of your texts that are necessary for TMs. Our professionals will ensure the adaptation of the translation in the appropriate layout for desktop publishing (DTP). Take advantage of our services and send your text by email or by using the form on the right side today. We will gladly advise you by phone for translation into and from Swiss German.

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