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High-quality translations for the real estate industry: Native speaking translators for Exposé and Co

Whether architects, civil engineers and real estate agents: They all have very good chances on the labor market because there are far more job opportunities than demand. The Central Bank's low interest rates lead to rushes on real estate. The real estate industry contributes a large portion to overall economic performance. The increases in demand in the real estate sector also lead to an increase in available jobs for which many well-educated professionals are needed. This could be an opportunity for anyone who is unsure about his career choice: in this field, there are optimum opportunities for advancement available. Also, there is a demand for professional translations in the real estate industry. A reliable and experienced partner is the key to success. Pinpoint accuracy and high quality are required to translate your contracts and reports, translating your documents using only native speaking translators. Test our skills and we will create an individual offer for you. Simply send us the texts to be translated via email. You will receive our free offer after that as soon as possible. Do you have questions? We are looking forward to your call!

Overview of the real estate industry

Distinction is made between commercial and corporate real estate industry, whereby the former is concerned with the construction, financing, management and marketing of commercial real estate. The corporate real estate industry, however, cares for purchase, construction, use, and exploitation of properties. These areas can also differ between the housing industry and real estate business as the real economy develops and properties are sold which in turn increases the housing market and residential real estate available for sale. All these areas are booming and offer good investment opportunities.

The real estate market and its characteristics

The real estate market has special characteristics compared to other sectors of the economy. There are mainly three aspects. Land property is not renewable, and the real estate is fixed (unmovable). The real estate market, therefore, satisfies one of the basic needs of people for land. This aspect can, of course, take on particular significance in contrast to other areas of the market of the real estate industry. The real estate market is regarded as a market of locations and differs also in other points of sale of movable goods. The market for goods requires mobility of the offer, but the real estate market depends on the mobility of the demand. These and some other aspects, which lead to the primacy of the real estate industry, results in healthy sustainability for this industry, and the market offers an excellent investment for buyers.

Professional translations for the real estate industry

Reports and contracts must be translated so thoroughly as if they were created in the source language. Negative legal consequences do not arise because paragraphs were translated incorrectly or numbers mis-matched in an offer because we only employ mother tongue translators. Their areas of expertise are taken into account for the assignment of every project: of course we only assign translators to your orders who are familiar with translations in the field of the real estate industry. Our project managers work closely with both our customers and translators. Project managers oversee the preparation and completion of texts and assist with questions at any time by phone and by email.

Professional translators prefer our translation service. Fasttranslator is a corporate member of the leading global translation society ProZ, where 42 translators have given us a score of 5,0 out 5.