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This not only applies to translations into the most common languages like English, German, Spanish and French, but also for more exotic languages like Chinese, Japanese, Arabic and, of course, Sranan Tongo.

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Background Information about the Sranan Tongo Language

Sranan Tongo is the most commonly spoken language in Suriname. It was originally the language of the country’s Creole population. Although Dutch is the official language taught in schools there, Sranan Tongo is the main language spoken in the community. Written Sranan Tongo is also becoming more popular. Official spelling of Sranan Tongo was introduced for the first time in 1985 and the language is starting to play an increasingly more important role in Surinamese society. A Nijntje book has even been translated into Sranan Tongo!

Sranan Tongo is often confused with Papiamento. This is a mistake because they are both totally different languages. Sranan Tongo is the language of Suriname while Papiamento is the language of Curacao.

There is sometimes confusion about the two languages in Suriname. Dutch is the official language of Suriname and is also taught in schools. Sranan Tango is the most commonly spoken language and is used increasingly more in its written form, especially now it has an official spelling system. There are several languages spoken in Suriname: The Hindustanis speak Sarnami Hindustani: Surinamese-Hindustani. The tribes also speak different languages, such as Saramaccan, Auchan, Aluki, Mataway and Kwinti. The Indians also have their own languages. The Javanese speak Javanese and the Chinese speak both Hakka and Mandarin Chinese.

Our Sranan Tongo Translation Agency

You can contact us for Sranan Tongo translations in all subject areas. In addition to medical, financial, technical and business translation work, our translation agency can also arrange for legalized translations, (court) interpreters and apostilles for translations that must have international legal status.

Not only can we handle translations from Dutch into Sranan Tongo and vice versa, we can also handle English into Sranan Tongo and vice versa.

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You can request a free quote for your translation project by sending your text to our team of project managers.

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