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Translation Service Provider Fasttranslator
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We specialize in fast turnaround, mid-size (30 pages or less) translations in almost all subject areas. With offices in Montreal, we'll take care of all your translation needs. Our 1 offices in the United States and Canada, combined with time zone management enable us to provide human translations much faster than our competitors. We aim to be a strategic partner for all businesses, big or small, that want to go global. We offer 150 different languages at rates that drop over time. Allow us to welcome you today to our wide portfolio of satisfied customers.

Guaranteed Accuracy

Our translation service guarantees the most authentic and accurate language translations possible because we hand-select a qualified and experienced translator for every project. Our translators are people with expert knowledge in a wide range of subject areas and core fields. Our project managers are linguists themselves and see to timely delivery of your documents.

Why choose Fasttranslator?

  • Fast Delivery - qualified translators are on duty 24x7.
  • Confidential – we’ll send you an NDA before quoting.
  • Language Variations – we have translators available for all dialects.
  • Convenient – all document formats.
  • Accurate – Certified translators for all languages.
  • Personalized Service – a skilled and friendly project manager will handle your translation request, no matter how big or small.

Languages and Industries Served

Our more than 4,000 translators are experienced in all foreign languages. We are proud to guarantee accurate and precise language conversion for every document we translate. There is no doubt that experience and ample knowledge of the subject are essential for accurate language translations. We translate documents for all industries.


Our standard rates are below the industry average! For new customers or large texts (more than 5,000 words), we reduce our rates even further. For urgent jobs that need several translators working simultaneously, we will apply a surcharge.

Professional Memberships

Our translation service was founded in 2000 and has a proven track record. We are a member of these professional organizations.

Our professional memberships include ATA
We are a corporate member of ATA, the American Translators Association

We are a professional member of EUATC trough our VViN membership
If your translation is needed for European markets, we work according to EUATC (European) standards

We are a professional member of Proz and most of our translators are certified Proz professionals
Most translators working for us are Certified Proz Members

Our European subsidiary is a DIN CERTCO registered company, given our wide expertise in medical translations
Our European subsidiary is a DIN CERTCO registered company, given our extensive experience in life sciences translation