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The numbers of real estate properties are like grains of sand on the shore. But how do you find the right property for in this enormous offering of apartments and houses? So-called “info sheets” help customers get a brief description of the property and thus a rough overview. But these are not only for customers but also those brokers who use info sheets have a big advantage. The real estate presented, presented within the info sheet, reaches many prospective renters or buyers and increases the attractiveness of the property. Therefore, info sheets are an integral part of the real estate industry, which is increasingly growing. Real estate brokers not only market in their own city or town. For international brokers and firms, the translation agency Fasttranslator is the right partner when it comes to high-quality translations. Our translators are native speakers who have knowledge of the real estate industry, marketing, and the law. Our translators complete your translations with the right content and orthographically correct. Also, they always meet the right tone because they have grown up in the country of the target language and know the cultural and linguistic characteristics. Do you want to test our skills? We look forward to your documents by email and will create a quote that you like. Also by phone we are happy to help you.

Create an info sheet

As a broker of course, you will want to bring the info sheet of the offered real estate to potential renters or buyers. Therefore, individual info sheets are created which describe the property in a few short sentences. To make these properties particularly attractive, you should highlight only the positive aspects. The title heading is very crucial because you can directly address prospective renters or buyers. Second to that, important information should be specified, such as where the said property is located, so that those interested can immediately have an impression of the area. Appealing photos of real estate help the customers get an idea of the property and the premises. Of course, you should also include the total amount of the rent, utilities and service charges, as well as the square footage. Other criteria, such as the number of rooms, the use of a cellar or a garage are also essential for many potential renters or buyers.

What you should do as a renter or buyer

If you are looking for real estate, info sheets created by brokers can be very helpful when selecting suitable properties. However, you should consider that as a customer that only the positive aspects of the real estate are included in these short descriptions. Even in the presence of minor and major defects, these are contextualized and sold to prospective renters and buyers as attractive. Statements such as emerging development and cultural diversity definitely do not indicate a quiet area for families but are often interpreted as such. Furthermore, as a prospective renter or buyer you should always pay attention to the images contained in the info sheets of each real estate property. If some rooms are not photographed, then you can assume that the brokers have consciously left these rooms unseen. Therefore, we can conclude that defects are likely. The detailed study of the info sheet is very time consuming and exhausting; however, you should take this time to find the right property rather than be disappointed after viewing. Are you looking for a property and a property that is located abroad, whose info sheet exists only in the local language? We can translate your documents into and from more than 150 languages.

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