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Real estate purchases represent a special event – eventually most people will make such an investment only once in their lives. As a house is not a simple commodity, and essential for everyday life, the purchase will be decided only after careful consideration. Intensive, targeted marketing has become an integral part of the sales process in the past years and can significantly simplify this. This process includes a number of documents, the info sheet through to purchase contract. We translate for you all required documents into and from more than 150 languages. So that these texts are translated correctly in regard to this area of specialization, we make careful consideration in the selection of the translator so that the translator brings the necessary special expertise in the area of marketing and the real estate industry to the translation. Therefore, your documents are both high quality and immediately ready for use. See the quality of our services for yourself and consult with us today. We are looking forward to your call and email.

The right target group

There are many homes that attract a relatively small clientele; these include, for example, smaller condos or homes with sophisticated facilities in a prime location. The challenge now is to draw attention to potential buyers in such a way that matches the perception and ideas of the real estate property from the standpoint of potential buyers How does the real estate offered differentiate itself and who could benefit from the property is the real question. Commuters are more at home and are less distracted by noise close to interstates and train stations while seniors are more interested in a central location from which all everyday living requirements are available by foot. Pet owners, however, prefer a rural location so that pets are far from danger of traffic. In the description of the property, care must be taken especially in regards to the choice of words. These should be just as much targeted in their formulation as the property itself. A special feeling for the language of marketing is therefore required for translations. That's why only native speaking translators translate for us who also have experience in the field of marketing. They know what it takes to hit the right tone, because they grew up with the target language.

What will the neighbors say?

Statistics show that most buyers of real estate within a single location are somehow associated, for example, by profession. Established neighbors know the characteristics of the area better than newcomers such as the potential disadvantages of a busy street. A broker who is aware of the area utilizes community publications of the surrounding area and neighborhoods to promote the property. This can include ads in local city magazines and distributing flyers in the neighborhood. Many residents already have an accurate perception of their new neighbors before the house is ever sold. Therefore, they often inform relatives and friends after they have been made aware of the sale of a house in their vicinity. It can't hurt to get a real estate agent who is knowledgeable of residents to include in the conversation and marketing. In this way, a better picture of the neighborhood can be made which is then presented to prospective renters and buyers. The number of children, seniors or dog owners in the vicinity is also important for those interested and simplifies identification with neighbors.

How private sellers and brokers benefit from each other

There will always be sellers who do not want the services of a real estate agent. Both parties need not to see each other as competitors. Information brochures for the sale real estate in which tips are given and pointed out, possible risks and mistakes are usually well received by private sellers. Who as a broker can advertise and promote his expertise without being exclusively interested in closing a contract usually remains very positive in the mind of prospective buyers and private sellers – in the best case this pays off in the form of a personal recommendation. If you want to gain a foothold as a broker in other countries, you need your document forms translated. Call our competent project managers today for a free consult. We will create for you a no-obligation, free quote. contact us!

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