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Contracts in the real estate industry - translations by native speakers

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The real estate industry deals with a plethora of contracts. These can include everything from real estate leases to property purchase contracts. It is important to note that the previous two contracts should be discussed with a notary in advance. The following points should be considered when buying used real estate. Provisions regarding property damage, liability for defects, and defective or lacking titles. In addition, the move-in date, possible consequences of not being able to meet the specified move-in date, and stipulations for withdrawal from the purchase contract should be decided upon. Contracts allow you to cover all of your bases and protect yourself in any situation. However, this only holds true if they are legally valid. Now, if you are looking to enter into real estate contracts in other countries, extra caution is advised. Contracts should only be translated by native speaking translators specialized in law. They must also be familiar with the terminology of the real estate industry. We work exclusively with professionals like these to provide you with the precise translations of your contracts. Let our expert project managers assist you on the phone or by email.

The real estate purchase contract

There are hordes of legal regulations to keep in mind when purchasing real estate. Attached to the contract, there should be a detailed building description in order for the buyer to know the exact value of the real estate. In addition, it should also include a precise payment plan. This will be especially useful for financing the property. There are usually contractual penalties agreed upon in the event that a property is not completed in time. Furthermore, there must be a regulation on when the contractor is allowed to deviate from the plans. Other than that, the contract should name the account to which payments should be made. The purchase contract also includes a declaration of division which must be studied carefully. This specifies special rights of use of the plot and how the buyer will be charged in the case of a communal property.

Native speaking translators

For a technical text containing specific terminology, it’s often not enough for the translator to simply be a native speaker of the target language. He or she must possess relevant expertise in the corresponding subject area. This is the only way to guarantee the correct translation of both technical terms and content. We assign the translation of real estate contracts exclusively to native speaking professionals with an extensive background in the fields of law and real estate. They are capable of translating your documents to strike the right chord. Do you have any questions about our services? We look forward to your call and your email.

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