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Complex translations in the field of chemistry

Chemistry is the study of the change of matter. Even in ancient times people were working with processes related to conversion. However, the scientific view needed to correctly organize findings was only brought about by tedious and long-lasting thought processes and experiments. Since then, Chemistry has unquestionably become one of the most integral sciences. With all of this in mind, it isn’t hard to believe that the demand for professional translations in the field of chemistry is increasing. Not every translator can translate a complex technical text with pinpoint precision, so we only employ native speaking translators with relevant knowledge pertaining to the subject area. They translate your documents in the field of chemistry into and from 150 languages. Let our experienced project managers advise you; we look forward to your call and your email.

Chemistry and its subdivisions

Today, we recognize three main forms of Chemistry:

These three main forms house more specialized areas such as analytical, legal, physiological and pharmaceutical chemistry. There is also food, agricultural, electro-, synthetic, and colloidal chemistry.

Formulas and complex processes

The language of chemical formulas is another characteristic feature of chemistry. Thanks to existing element symbols, it was made possible to describe complicated chemical reaction processes without word explanations - in the form of chemical reactions. Today we know that a chemical element is a substance made up of atoms containing the same atomic number. Chemical nomenclature is based on a system of scientific names, which serve as the basis for the elements. The influence of physical methods as well has been essential for rapid development in the twentieth century. The ever-evolving quantum chemistry made it possible to precisely calculate the arrangement of electrons in the atoms and molecules, thereby theoretically deriving the chemical characteristics of the correlating substances.

Substantial progress is being made in the areas of pharmaceutical drugs, macromolecular compounds, and biomolecules. Chemistry is still vital for economic development and an important branch of research.

We translate your documents having to do with the field of chemistry

In addition to soil samples and analyses of any kind, we also translate manuals for special equipment used in chemistry. Our native speaking, technically qualified translators are familiar with chemicals and the relevant subject vocabulary to translate your documents accurately and in compliance with industry norms. We also take great care when dealing with unpublished texts containing sensitive materials. At your request, you will receive a non-disclosure agreement from us as needed. Contact us by phone or by email. We look forward to working with you!

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