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Iceland, the second largest European island nation situated far out in the Atlantic Ocean, at first sight seems a little isolated from "the rest of the world." But this impression is deceptive. While the country is not a member of the European Union, it belongs to the Free Trade Zone of the European Economic Area and also to NATO. International contacts and correspondence at various levels of politics and business are, therefore, also part of the daily life and accordingly create a need for qualified Icelandic translators specializing in every possible field.

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Icelandic belongs to the Germanic branch of the Indo-European languages. Unlike most other languages, there has been no significant change in its morphology during the past thousand years, and today it still resembles strongly the Old Norse. The geographical isolation of this island, however, is not solely responsible for this phenomenon. It is rather the conscious effort in the course of history to keep the Icelandic language free of foreign influences or, where appropriate, to recreate it in its original form. To this day, inclusion of foreign words in the language is avoided as much as possible. One of the special characteristics of the Icelandic language is its wealth of differentiations. Things or situations for which there is respectively only one expression in English or German are often treated as very distinct in Icelandic and therefore receive different designations. This must be taken into consideration when translating texts into Icelandic. Such language use implies that the translator has not only mastered the Icelandic language, but also has the necessary expertise to understand the nuances in the meaning of the text.

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The translation of your business correspondence or other important documents form English to Icelandic is an important task which should be completed by true professionals. The translation of your documents will be safe in our hands. We will have native Icelandic translators, who are fluent and have mastered the language, work on your translation. Each of our translators is responsible for specific subject areas in which he/she has acquired subject matter expertise and can adequately translate even the most complex content into Icelandic. Please visit our website for an overview of our main areas of expertise, our fees and the languages we offer. For more information, please call or email us. For inquiries, you may also use the order form on the right. Our staff will gladly provide all requested information and answer your questions. Regardless of whether this is a rush order or a very complicated technical text, we welcome challenges and consistently produce outstanding results!


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