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What does biochemistry have to do with?

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Biochemistry deals with the chemical processes within a living organism. This topic brings together biology, chemistry, and even medicine. It is also known by the synonyms "the chemistry of life" and "physiological chemistry". The field of biochemistry includes the chemistry of living processes and living organisms. The organic and inorganic substances in the organism as well as the reactions that take place in living processes are also studied and evaluated in biochemistry. Both the extensive scope of biochemistry as well as the effects of globalization are reasons for the growing demand for professional translations for documents in the field of biochemistry. Our translators are native speaking professionals with relevant expertise in at least one subject area. See what we’re capable of and send us your documents by email or using the request form located on the right hand side. We look forward to hearing from you!

The scope of functions of biochemistry:

With the help of biochemistry, scientists can detect and heal metabolic diseases. Diseases like these can result from a hormone deficiency, such as with Diabetes, as well as from a vitamin deficiency. Also, enzyme tests make it possible to discover and subsequently treat diseases much more quickly. The functions of biochemistry lie somewhere between the related fields of biology, chemistry, and medicine. Biochemistry deals with the study of biomolecular structures, the metabolic processes of living organisms, and the flow of information within an organism. Among other things, biochemistry also has to do with chemical kinetics, thermodynamics, the chemistry of electrolytes, electrochemistry, the chemical bonding theory, and chemical equilibrium conditions. Even biostatistics and data processing play a role in biochemistry.

The methods of Biochemistry:

A variety of methods from different fields can be applied in biochemistry. These methods can either be used in classic or modern biochemistry. As for classic biochemistry, the main tools used are analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, physical chemistry, and physics. In modern biochemistry, mathematical conditions are used to make quantitative evaluations.

Important fields of research for modern biochemistry:

Fields of research in modern chemistry include photosynthesis, the respiratory chain, also known as oxidative phosphorylation, which has to do with the oxidation of biomolecules in cells, glycolysis (the fermentation of sugars into ethanol and lactic acid, as well as the formation glycogen from glucose), the urea cycle, and many other areas. Diseases like Diabetes would probably not be treatable without biochemistry. In order for research findings, software, and other documents to be used on an international basis, you need a professional translator to translate your texts with pinpoint accuracy. Our translations are only completed by experienced, native speaking translators who possess the relevant expertise in biochemistry and can correctly translate the subject-specific vocabulary within the texts into the desired target language.

The structure of Biochemistry:

Biochemistry is divided into different fields:

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