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E-Health stands for the use of electronic media in healthcare. The term is used for both electronic diagnostic systems and telemedicine as well as electronic patient cards, medical charts, and other virtual patient information. Generally e-health documents are divided into the following categories:

  • Information for physicians and patients
  • Communication between physicians and patients without the possibility of a direct response
  • Interaction between parties with the option of immediate response (e.g. home monitoring)
  • Transaction-specific data exchange, for example, using the patient card
  • Integration - recording and consolidation of all patient data

Our most experienced medical translators perform the translation of this specialized information quickly and accurately. In addition to the necessary language skills, they also have appropriate knowledge of the subject matter. We use native translators only.

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E-Health Benefits

Healthcare needs the use of modern technology not only because of the ever-increasing costs that could be reduced by streamlining many processes, but also because of the growing need to inform the public and to increase efficiency in the doctors' offices, clinics, and other health facilities. Consider, for example, the electronic patient health card, which contains important encrypted patient information, findings, examination results, and laboratory test results. It helps medical professionals avoid unnecessary duplication of examinations, multiple repetitions of laboratory tests, and adverse drug interactions. Electronic health records have a lot of potential. Such databases, for example, enable GPs, specialists, dentists, and pharmacies to retrieve necessary patient information without delay and to forward prescriptions form the attending physician directly to the pharmacy, so that the medication can then be sent directly to the patient. Technology provides a variety of opportunities for direct doctor patient communication. Patients may be equipped with devices that transmit their vital signs (heart rate, blood pressure, blood sugar, etc.) to the attending physician, a nursing home physician, or other monitoring medical personnel, and vice versa, the doctor may directly give the patient important information about a medication, insulin administration, or something else. Patients can receive reminders about their tablets or insulin injections. In acute life threatening conditions, technology can alert the doctor and thus save lives. An example of this is home monitoring. Much of what today sounds like science fiction has been technically solved long ago. Email exchange with your doctor, health care related communities, information exchange about diseases and physician evaluations, applications for self-diagnosis are all part of the new efficient health care. Our translators are qualified to provide professional translations of your texts. We provide medical translations on a daily basis. Regardless of the type of medical document, IFU or medical software, we are the right partner for you. Contact us today, and we will tell you more about the broad range of our services.

Data Security

E-Health with all its positive aspects, however, requires that basic conditions be met. The most important amongst them are those related to information security.


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