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The public image of Greece has suffered greatly from the scandals and affairs that came to light in the wake of the financial and economic crisis. However, no one should reduce the Southern European country to a symbol of corruption and nepotism. If you subject the Hellenic economy to an analysis that goes beyond the clichés and platitudes, a much more nuanced picture emerges – Greece offers much more than just olive oil and tourism. In addition to the current reform efforts, the search for investors is on at full tilt, and as a result Greece offers favorable conditions. Still, the structural change won't happen overnight. This means that projects in Greece are more suitable for medium to long-term partnerships. If you're planning to do good business in Greece, you've come to the right place. We translate your business correspondence, brochures and financial statements into Greek and from Greek. Contact us todayby phone oremail Contact us -- we look forward to speaking with you!

Strengths of the Hellenic economy

Today's Greek economy is the result of a structural change begun in the seventies that made an industrialized country out of the previously strongly agriculture-centered country. Nevertheless, the share of agriculture in the GDP is higher than in the Central European countries, especially in the production of wine, olives, tobacco and vegetables. Furthermore, fishing and fish farming play a key role in the richly coastal country of Greece. The service sector is benefiting from the tradition of seafaring – Greek shipowners operate almost twenty percent of the global traffic of ships of over 1,000 GRT. Numerous tax benefits are incentivizing the development of merchant shipping, which has seen a positive growth performance during the crisis. However, these tax relief incentives also have a downside, as they reduce the shipowners’ contribution to the country's tax revenue. Another area of ​​the services sector is the banking sector, which is appreciated as a lender in other Southeast European countries (for example in the former Yugoslavia). Experts say industry and the manufacturing sector will play a crucial role in the course of Greece's economic recovery. In this sector, in addition to major corporations, there is also a strong SME sector, which operates in fields such as chemistry, mechanical engineering and textile production. At present, the Greek energy economy is still considered to be a "sleeping giant". It is suspected that there are numerous oil and gas reserves on Greek territory, the proceeds of which could bring in revenue of more than 100 billion euros. But the sunny country also offers great potential for renewable energies. Consequently, there are diverse investment opportunities. Take advantage of the growing opportunities in Greece and have your documents translated by our native translators. We work fast and above all professionally! Test us out and send us the text to be translated by email or use the quote form to the right. Of course, we can also advise you by phone first.

The Greek language

Classical Greek has left traces in almost all European languages ​​through foreign and loan words. Modern Greek, which is the official language of the Greek state, is derived from it; sometimes now incorporating phrases and technical terms from its ancestor. The Greek alphabet has remained virtually unchanged for thousands of years. In addition to Greece, Cyprus also uses Modern Greek as its official language. Our team would be happy help your company with its business in Greece. Our Greek translators not only have excellent knowledge of spoken and written Greek, but also have an in-depth knowledge and familiarity with American and Greek culture. Contact us for a customized quote!

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