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As a consequence of the European financial and economic crisis, Italy was affected as part of what was called the PIGS nations. It would be a mistake, however, to categorically rule out investments in Italy. The Apennine Peninsula remains the third largest economy in the European region and is home to highly profitable companies. The present time period in particular is a good time to enter into cheap investments. A time, that is, to take a much closer look at Italy’s economy under the magnifying glass. If you are thinking about investing in Italy but are being held back by language barriers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We translate your business documents quickly and precisely, so that nothing gets in the way of your business operations in Italy.

Long history of trade and artisanship

Banking system terms, such as the German words for "Balance", "Giro" or "Bankruptcy" indicate: Italian inventions have an instrumental influence on why our economic system is the way it is today. The Renaissance was born in central and northern Italy where trade and manufacturing were highly advanced for their time. Internationally, Italy is best represented by its leading regions where the manufacturing sector is strong.

Large regional differences

Differences between different parts of the country are quite apparent. Milan and its surrounding area is home to world renowned companies in fashion, luxury goods, and machinery. On the other hand, the South is still quite agricultural and currently suffering from lower incomes and a higher unemployment rate. Corruption and slow working authorities can make it more difficult to start or acquire firms. One thing that could help is increasing the use of renewable energies (particularly the intense sunlight). Italy’s mechanical engineering sector is certainly one of the most interesting areas for potential projects. Even ship - and aircraft construction belong to this country’s economic strengths. Unlike other countries, Italy has a strong middle class. It’s also not a disadvantage that people equate Italian culture with luxury and “Dolce Vita.” Countless small businesses in the area of agriculture, gastronomy and cuisine cultures are a proud figurehead of the country - and highly profitable. The import of Italian luxury food items is another investment idea worth investigating.

Avoid language barriers with qualified translators

In order to engage in trading or investments, two parties must rely on precise communication to ensure they are on the same page. Language barriers can prove to be quite tricky in that small differences in meanings can have big consequences. English can be helpful in oral negotiations, but important documents such as contracts must be written or translated into Italian. We have many years of experience with economic translations. Not only can we offer you highly qualified language professionals for Italian, but for over 150 other languages. If you are interested in committing to an Italian investment, get into contact with us without hesitation. With an offer tailored to your specific request, we can make sure that you and your partners can communicate effectively across language barriers.


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