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The insights that a spinal cord injury can be alleviated by an anti-cancer agent, that the production of fine chemicals through a process with wood mushrooms is good for the environment, or that a corn plant can fight pests naturally, are all gained through research in the field of Biotechnology. These three innovations already show that the wide range of biotechnological methods and their application are not limited to one area of the economy. Biotechnology is interdisciplinary, because it is used in many industries. The main branches of biotechnology are the red, green, and white biotechnology. Red stands for the medical field, and green and white for agriculture and industry respectively. Biotechnology research spans from studies of individual cells or molecules to small and large organisms, plants, animals, and humans.

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Because the scope of biotechnology is so wide and most biotechnology companies are global, professional translators are in demand. Specialized texts from the field of biotechnology should be translated by native professional translators who also have the necessary knowledge of biotechnology. Only a professional is capable to adequately translate the content into their mother tongue using appropriate vocabulary. This is why, our translations of biotechnology documents are performed exclusively by trained professionals. When we search for an appropriate translator for your project in our database of 4.200 native translators, we take into account not only the language combination but also the translator's specialization. Regardless of whether you need medical software, specific safety data sheets, or an operating manual translated, we offer a fast and professional service. Should you have any questions about our translation services, our project managers are here to assist you. Under Contact us you will find our translation agencies in the United States and around the world. We look forward to your call!

Red Biotechnology

The medical biotechnology has become very important to business, as the production of drugs and vaccines is increasingly carried out through bioengineering. In special bio-reactors, antibodies and hormones are produced by microorganisms or animal cells. Some drugs could not be produced solely from chemicals. This results in new therapies and diagnostic procedures. The science of medical biotechnology is based on the realization that the genetic information is the blueprint of all life processes. The basis for this new understanding was the discovery of the molecular structure of DNA as a genetic molecule and the deciphering of the human genome. It is now possible to effectively treat or in fact cure diseases. The limits of conventional medicine expanded to include individualized medications customized by matching the molecular structure of the patient.

Green Biotechnology

The biotech agriculture, also known as agrobiotechnology is based on plant genomics. New scientific evidence led to targeted breeding and the use of key crops. Thousands of years ago, green biotechnology farmers selected and propagated certain plants. Sequencing of the genome of the model plant "thale cress" and decoding of the rice genome, lead to a much more effective plant breeding today. A plant’s useful properties can now be determined and localized at the genetic level. The production of plants with useful properties has thus become more cost effective and less time-consuming. It is no longer necessary to cultivate many offsprings and check for suitability. The biotechnological breeding of plants is also called precision or smart breeding. Additionally, the genetic material of a plant can be changed to improve its defense mechanisms against pests or to enhance the production of a particular substance.

White Biotechnology

White biotechnology optimizes industrial products and production processes so that the existing resources can be conserved and pollution decreased. At room temperature and under normal pressure, microorganisms cause a variety of transformations leading to a high yield. A similar chemical process would require a much higher temperature and pressure. Meanwhile, many industrial products have a biotechnological background. These include high-quality chemicals, leather, paper, medicinal products, vitamins, detergents and cleaning products, finished textiles, and many other materials. Antibiotics are produced on the basis of genetically modified microorganisms, biocatalysts in detergents ensure that the clothing is cleaned even at low temperatures, and the popular "stonewashed" effect in jeans is created by a method based on enzymes.

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