Do you need your safety data sheets to be translated?

The translation agency Fasttranslator LLC. Your partner for translations of safety data sheets (MSDS).
The translation agency Fasttranslator LLC. Your partner for translations of safety data sheets (MSDS).
Our translation service is your partner when it comes to the professional translation of your safety data sheets (MSDS). We specialize in the translation of safety data sheets for multinational companies. A safety data sheet is necessary in the implementation of measures that provide not only work area safety, but also health and environmental protection. This applies in particular to activities involving chemical agents. Therefore, it is important that the safety data sheets are correctly translated (in conjunction with the guidelines of the target country).

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Our languages

We can translate your safety data sheets into almost all languages including German, French, Czech, Polish, Slovenian, Slovak, Russian, Chinese and many others. For more information about our language combinations, see the menu item Languages.


The translation agency Fasttranslator and their team of translators guarantee you absolute confidentiality when translating for you. At your request, we will gladly provide you with a declaration of confidentiality. Simply send us an email or contact one of our project managers directly. In order to locate a branch near you, see the menu item Contact Us.


Translations of safety data sheets are charged at our most common rate, which is $ 0,22 per word. When translating more than one MSDS, or when updating old ones, we apply discounts for repetitions. Because we store previous translations into Translation Memory files, these discounts can be very high. You benefit from the fact that we've translated thousands of these documents before. This only applies when the documents are in an editable format, like for example Word or PDF.


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