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If you were directed to this site because you were looking for free translations, you will find a few suggestions here below.

Most translation engines work reasonably well, especially for the major languages such as English, German, Chinese and Spanish. These translation engines can be used to find out the general meaning of a text. However, take into consideration that these automated systems can also be completely wrong! After all, no human beings are involved in the process.

If your text is important and you need an accurate translation, request a proposal for a professional translation by our translation specialists.

If you have a text that needs to be translated by humans, and a low price is your priority, then we advise to ask for a quotation at . This subsidiary works with translators who have just completed their translation education. They will need more time to complete the job however.

Translation Engines on the Web

This page was revised in 2015. Right now, Google Translate offers most languages. The quality is reasonable. Users can specify improvements to the translation made by Google. In addition to English and Spanish, Google translate also offers translations from and to Arabic, Chinese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Russian.


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