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Development of Psychiatry

The French physician and psychiatrist Philippe Pinel who campaigned for a non-violent treatment of psychiatric patients is the founder of the discipline of scientific psychiatry. He

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treated his patients with patience and affection. This paradigm shift in psychiatry, where up until then psychiatric disorders were recorded with little or no regard to the impairment of the mental state, brought about new concepts. Phobias, compulsions, and neurotic and personality disorders, which later became the center of attention thanks to Sigmund Freud, are now part of the established psychiatric terminology. Supplemental therapies, such as art therapy, the development of psychotropic drugs, and particularly the somatic therapy, mark major strides in the development of psychiatry. The publication of the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders) catalog is a twentieth century milestone in the pursuit of uniform international diagnostics.

Complex Projects

Some translation projects are challenging even for experienced translators. These are mainly large-scale projects with subject-specific content and short delivery time. We receive such orders particularly in the scientific field. In the field of scientific psychiatry, the documents for translation are mostly reports, curricula, statistical information, research papers, and diagnoses. A high quality professional specialized translation of such documents can only be provided by native professional translators who specialize in the relevant discipline. These translators can grasp the content and use the appropriate terminology. To ensure that your project is translated professionally and meets your expectations, we work exclusively with qualified translators!

Urgent Scientific Translations

As a professional translation agency, we also take requests for very urgent translations in the scientific field. These are mainly scientific papers or academic curricula. When such a request comes in, our project managers form a team of qualified translators to work together on the project. The team includes editors who correct both semantic and grammatical errors. Such projects require close cooperation with the client who can assist the translators and editors with clarifications, reference materials, information about the purpose of the document and the target audience, and any special requirements for the target text that the client may have. The translation teams and the language engineers prepare, where appropriate, a translation memory to ensure consistency in the use of terminology. Thus, the terminology of your documents will be translated consistently in all your subsequent orders. Regardless of what type of psychiatric document for translation you have, we are the right partner for you. Experience for yourself the advantages of our services. We look forward to your call!


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