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There are various reasons why the English language has become lingua franca of the global world. One of them is the historic expansion of the British colonial empire, which once accounted for nearly a quarter of the earth's land. New governments are being created on the spot. Often people from nations who have previously been hostile to each other become fellow countrymen. In such countries, English became the official language to facilitate communication between different linguistic groups. Even today, whereas multilingualism prevails as a consequence of such policy in many areas of the Commonwealth, the official language and the language of instruction is English, while the local language is spoken at home. The need for translators in such areas is ever growing precisely because not all the people living there know how to read and write. Translations are also particularly important for business. Contracts with precise wording that determines the destiny of whole projects or balances that could decide the future of enterprises - such documents must always be translated very carefully. That is why we only entrust your translation projects to native translators who have grew up speaking Hindi and translate from English with a native fluency.

English and Hindi - Two Major Languages in Close Contact

The former British colony India is home of the world's largest language diversity within a single country. Among this multitude of languages, English and Hindi have the special status of "official languages." With nearly 400 million native speakers, the latter is one of the most spoken languages in the world. If you combine Hindi with the closely related Urdu language of Hindustan, the number of native speakers goes up to 550 million. While Hindi is the language of everyday life, virtually all university instruction takes place in English. The numerous international companies that operate in India's emerging software industry sector, among other sectors, use English as their working language. This creates an abundance of situations in which English and Hindi come into contact with each other. Although many Indians are actually bilingual, qualified translators are still needed to translate texts which depend on the precision of the technical terminology. In addition to their outstanding general language proficiency, these translators have working knowledge of various disciplines, a good command of the respective technical terminology, and the ability to grasp complex technical content.

Role of the Translator as a Mediator between Two Different Worlds

In most cases, it is easier to translate between two very similar languages than between two completely different languages. Considering the great difference between English and Hindi, translations between these two languages demand a lot from the translator. Hindi not only uses another alphabet, but also has fundamental differences from the European languages in terms of vocabulary and grammar. Hence, the translator must have a lot of experience and the feel for the target language. We have access to exactly this kind of experienced language professionals.


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