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Tissue Engineering is cultivation of natural tissue under laboratory conditions. A sample of cells from the patient's body is used to grow tissue. This tissue is then implanted in order to replace damaged tissue. In this procedure, there is no risk of rejection, since the new cells are grown form the patient’s body's own cells. The corresponding tissue engineering products belong to the group of advanced therapy medicinal products. This group consists of drug classes that utilize the newest and most effective scientific methods for curing diseases. Medical procedures such as tissue engineering are extremely complicated and require special skills. What is more, in the translation of texts in this field, the translator must have relevant knowledge of medicine. To ensure that your documents are translated without errors, we work exclusively with native translators with expertise in the corresponding discipline. We will convey the content of your documents in the appropriate grammatically correct target language professional jargon. See for yourself. Pick up the phone and call or email us today! We will be happy to provide you with a no obligation quote.

Treatment Options

The new method allows completely new treatment options that were not available for use by physicians up until now. Never ending healing processes can be supported and accelerated, non-functional or terminally damaged tissue can be replaced by new tissue or regenerated.

Skin Cultivation Method

The skin is our body's largest organ. It wraps our body like a coat and protects the underlying muscles and veins. At the same time, the skin is the part of our body the most at risk of injuries. Skin abrasions or cuts are commonplace. Nobody takes them very seriously, as they heal on their own and rarely leave any lasting damage. Burns, deep injuries, or slow-healing wounds and ulcers, on the other hand, are different. They could be terminal. Cultivation of skin is the most advanced form of tissue engineering. If a patient does not have enough healthy skin for transplantation, the skin can be cultivated in laboratory conditions.

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