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Pharmacy: High Quality Translations of Pharmaceutical Documents

Pharmacy is very important to human health. It is a life science which deals with the properties, effect, testing, manufacturing, and distribution of drugs and other medicinal products. It combines medicine and other natural sciences such as chemistry, biology, and physics, hence adequate specialized knowledge in these fields is important for the translation of pharmaceutical documents. To ensure the quality you deserve, we assign the translation of your medical text to academically trained translators who have acquired subject matter expertise in pharmacy. We will be happy to discuss this and answer all your questions by telephone or email.

The Science of Pharmacy

The origins of Western pharmacy date back to ancient times. The Byzantine and Arab cultures had a significant influence on its development. At that time, however, pharmacy was not an independent discipline. It was given this status much later. Thus, it is a relatively young science. The first private pharmaceutical schools emerged during the eighteen century. In the nineteenth century, a course in pharmacy was included in the required mandatory curriculum in the German states. In the twenties of the nineteenth century, medical science separated from chemistry. As a result, private medical schools were established and pharmacy, as we know it today, was born.

Seven Different Disciplines

Modern pharmacy can be divided into seven disciplines:

Outside of the German-speaking world, social pharmacy is taught as the eighth discipline. It examines how patients, consumers, physicians, politicians, organizations, associations, and the society as a whole use medicinal products, the inter-relationships between these parties, and how their social, cultural, and economic behavior can be classified.

Wide Range of Applications

In this wide range of disciplines, there are many opportunities to apply pharmaceutical knowledge and the corresponding professional translations. We have a team of native translators with relevant knowledge working for us, so that we can meet your requirements and expectations. Choose your language combination from over 150 languages. We translate drug information leaflets and application software with ease. Terminology management and creation of terminology databases are among the daily tasks of our project managers.

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