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Transportation telematics is problem solving in transport

In a sophisticated, modern, industrial country, economy and industry as well as the individual citizen depend on a functioning structure of transportation. Mobility is one of the most important factors for the success of a modern technological society. The USA has a transport network like almost no other country. Because traffic is constantly increasing, it is important to develop intelligent solutions for a smooth flow. This includes transportation telematics. To ensure frictionless communication between you and your customers and business partners, we only employ professionals to translate your technical texts in the area of transportation telematics. They are native speakers and have relevant knowledge of this field. We will gladly provide you with an individual, non-binding quote. Send us the text you would like translated via email or by using the form located on the right-hand side. We will gladly advise you by phone beforehand.

What is transportation telematics?

Transportation telematics is not a single technique, but rather the systematic collection and intelligent processing of data. New communication and information technologies are used to do so. Resulting intelligent technical solutions benefit traffic. Transportation telematics is a part of intelligent transport systems.

Objectives of transport telematics

First and foremost, traffic should flow more smoothly, and safety should be increased. At the same time, the environmental impact should be reduced. To further improve mobility, the population must be informed about transportation telematics. In these ways, traffic can be made economically and environmentally conscious. If you would like to bring your customers and business partners closer to your sphere of activities, a professional translation is essential. In order to ensure that the translation is exact, we work exclusively with native speakers, who are knowledgeable in the field of traffic telematics. Find out for yourself!

Use of transport telematics

Applications are in all transportation sectors, such as in private transport, mainly including road traffic, as well as in local public transport. Freight traffic, which takes place mostly on the road and the rail, is included, as well as sea and air transport.

In road traffic

Motorized private transport is the largest application of transportation telematics. Changeable traffic signs on motorways should counter traffic jams. Speed limits, warning signs, and detour suggestions are displayed on the crossbar over the highway. In cases of congestion and accidents, as well as of weather related obstructions, data is collected in traffic control and passed on to the motorist using the highway crossbars. The so-called traffic advisory service transmits information via VHF radio to vehicle occupants. Navigation systems are a recent and very important source of information for automobile drivers. They also disclose information to motorists. Their use enables alternative routes to be planned quickly in the event of a road obstruction. Traffic flow analyses calculate traffic flow and traffic density, making it possible to estimate travel time. In the future, data from the vehicles and control centers will be exchanged. Drivers can therefore better adapt themselves to the respective traffic situation. In cities, traffic lights are controlled depending on traffic in order to ensure an optimum flow of traffic.

In public transport

Here, too, a telematic operations control system regulates the precise flow. Traffic lights and driving speed are controlled centrally. An electronic booking, information, and reservation system ensures transparency in the flow of traffic.

In sea and air transport

Radar systems monitor the sea and airspace. Satellite systems coordinate flight and maritime routes, and a central air traffic control center organizes the air movements. In addition, air space is monitored by many small-scale centers.

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