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Hospital engineering - an essential part of modern medicine

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Hospital engineering, a branch of medical technology, manufactures devices, products, and techniques that are used in medicine. Many of the devices and procedures developed in medical technology are used not only in doctors’ offices and medical institutes, but also in clinics and hospitals, where they allow for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. Furthermore, they are used in surgeries, in intensive care and emergency medicine, in the field of medical rehabilitation, and in senior citizen health and geriatric care. Lives can be saved in intensive medicine, for example, through the use of respirators that maintain the vital functions of comatose patients. An adequate translation is particularly important in the field of medical technology. For this reason, we only employ translators specialized in the field of medicine for your projects. Of course, they only translate into their own native tongue as a basic principle. If you would like an individual consultation on our translation services, you can reach us by phone and by email.

Medical devices and procedures

Some of the devices most commonly used in the clinic are the dialysis machine, with which the kidney patients’ blood is cleaned, and the pacemaker, which, after being inserted into the human chest, improves the lives and health of those with heart disease. Other devices used most often in the clinic are infusion pumps, through which patient care with vital medicines or health-promoting nutrient solutions takes place, and large machines like the Heart-Lung Machine, which keeps intensive care patients alive during comas. Artificial organs, which are developed in special laboratories and implanted in patients to save lives, prostheses, which support the mobility of disabled patients, and also visual aids and surgical instruments are used daily by physicians. Also, dental implants, which are becoming more frequently requested by dental patients, are manufactured using medical technology. Small- and large-scale medical equipment and procedures help you to detect and treat diseases, increase patients’ quality of life, and sometimes have an aesthetic benefit as well, as shown by the example of dental implants. The scientific basis of medical technology is made up of research results and methods from the areas of medicine, medical technology, system analysis, biomechanics, biotechnology, biochemistry, and medical physics.

If you would like to take advantage of the professional help of an expert translator in the field of hospital or medical technology, we will gladly provide you with further assistance. Translations of medical documents, technical manuals, and instruction leaflets are included in our extensive range of services. We will gladly advise you by telephone and by email.

Applications of medical technology in hospitals

Imaging procedures, or techniques that make pathological changes inside the body visible, are the most used and most complex medical products in the hospital. Depending on the type of tissue to be examined, there are different methods to be used with or without the addition of contrast agents: those without ionizing radiation, such as ultrasound (Sonography) and magnetic resonance imaging work, and procedures in which ionizing radiation is used, such as X-rays, computer tomographies, mammographies, angiographies, positron emission tomographies, and scintigraphy in the field of nuclear medicine. Qualified medical technicians and engineers work closely with the computer science department of the hospital and experts of medical physics to take care of the inspection, maintenance, and repair of their medical equipment, as mandated by lawmakers. Medical engineers also advise on the purchase of (large) equipment and the implementation of their technical connections. Medical products must be CE certified and are subject to strict quality and safety controls.

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