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Both English and Portuguese are world languages, therefore they are often used in international business transactions. For this reason, translations from English into Portuguese are essential for globally operating companies. However, there are some peculiarities that must be observed when English is being translated into Portuguese. It is important, then, to use a native-speaking translator who grew up with the Portuguese language for the translation. They know all the details and can thus appropriately and professionally translate your English texts. Because a native level of speech often is not enough, each of our 4.200 translators is specialized in at least one area of expertise. Do you want a free individual quote? Simply send us your English text by email!

The English language

English is a West Germanic language. A special feature of the English language is the orthography, which greatly differs from the actual sound shape. In its historical development, the English language spread over the British Isles and displaced all other spoken languages there. The colonization of the Americas and the colonial policies of Great Britain made it possible to spread the language to many parts of the world and become the world language. Today, the English language has over 340 million native speakers worldwide, making it globally more widespread than any other language. In many schools all around the Earth, English is taught as the first foreign language. English is the official language within most international organizations. Also in supranational organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations, the Commonwealth, the African Union and ASEAN, English is the official language.

The Portuguese language

Portuguese is a Romance language of the Indo-European language family. Together with the Catalan language, the Spanish language and other languages of the Iberian Peninsula, Portuguese is part of a group called the Iberianromanic. Today, Portuguese is considered one of the world’s major languages with over 215 million native speakers. The dissemination of the language mainly came in the 15th and 16th Century due to the construction of the Portuguese colonial empire. For this reason, Portuguese is still the official language of several independent States. In addition, twenty-two Creole languages have developed from the Portuguese language. Due to large migration movements from Portugal toward North America and Western Europe, Portuguese has become an important minority language in many parts of the world.

Difficulties with translation into Portuguese

All variants of Portuguese are easily understandable when spoken. This allows for easy oral communication at the international level. Portuguese does, however, have strong geographical differences in written communication. European/African Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese especially differ in terminology and syntax. When communicating with Portuguese-speaking countries, care must be taken that the appropriate language version is utilized. In African countries, European Portuguese is preferred in written communication. The Portuguese language is the official language of Angola and the most widely spoken language in Mozambique. According to studies by UNESCO, it is to be expected that Portuguese will spread even further across the African continent. Translators from English into Portuguese must have a firm grasp of the differences in terminology between European and Brazilian Portuguese, especially for translations in the areas of finance, technology, law and science. Translations meant for communication with Brazil require a totally different style and terminology when contrasted against the appropriate linguistic resources for the market in Europe or Africa. For this reason, we always choose the right translator for your translation project against the background of the subject matter and language variation. We will handle any project in this manner in order to produce a quality translation. See for yourself and contact us today by phone or email!

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