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Both the English and Portuguese languages are frequently used in international business. Translations from English into Portuguese are therefore essential for global companies. Translation into the Portuguese language, however, has its difficulties that only a native speaker of Portuguese who has spoken the language since childhood can overcome. Such a native translator knows all the intricacies of the language and translates accordingly. Because being a native speaker alone is not sufficient, every one of our 4.200 translators has at least one area of specialization. Would you like to have a free quote for your translation project? Just email us your English text.

The English Language

English is a West Germanic Language. One of the peculiarities of the English language is its spelling which is not phonetic and very different from the way words are pronounced. As the English language developed over the years, it spread from England to all of the British Isles and displaced all other languages spoken there. Through the colonization of America and British colonialism, English was able to spread in many parts of the world and become a global language. The native speakers of English today are over 340 million which makes it the most globally widespread language in the world. In many schools throughout the world, English is taught as the first foreign language. It is the official languages of most international organizations such as the European Union, the United Nations, the Commonwealth of Nations, the African Union, and ASEAN.

The Portuguese Language

Portuguese is a Romance language from the Indo-European family. It belongs to the group of the Ibero-Romance languages along with Catalan, Spanish, and the other languages of the Iberian Peninsula. With over 215 million native speakers, Portuguese is now also one of the world's major languages. The language spread mainly in the 15th and 16th century through the spread of the Portuguese colonial empire. Hence, Portuguese is still the official language of several independent states. Over 20 creole languages have evolved from Portuguese. Due to massive migration from Portugal to North America and Western Europe, Portuguese has become an important minority language in many parts of the world.

Challenges of Translation into Portuguese

Portuguese language speakers from different parts of the world understand each other's spoken language without any problem. This makes oral communication between speakers of Portuguese from different Portuguese-speaking countries easier. There are, however, differences in written communication between the different geographic areas. In particular, the European/African Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese differ substantially in terminology and syntax. Therefore, the different language variants should be taken into consideration when texts are translated for different Portuguese-speaking countries. In African countries, European Portuguese is preferred in written communication. The Portuguese language is the official language in Angola and the most widely spoken language in Mozambique. Based on UNESCO studies, the Portuguese language is expected to spread even further on the African continent. Thus, translators from English to Portuguese, especially the specialized translators, must be very familiar with the differences in the financial, technical, and legal terminology between European and Brazilian Portuguese. Translations of communications with Brazil are substantially different in style and terminology from those intended for the European or African market. Therefore, when selecting a translator for your project we always take into consideration both the >professional area and the language variant. This way we ensure that every one of our translations is a high quality translation. Try our services. Pick up the phone and call or email us today!


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