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In an interview with the US television network CBS George Bernard Shaw once said that his whole life's work would have been much more valuable had his mother tongue been Hungarian rather than English. According to Shaw, using this wonderful language one can describe the most esoteric impulses and emotions in a far more nuanced and detailed manner. In fact, Hungarian is a language with a very complex structure. Unlike inflected languages, it forms words by agglutination. Thus, numerous suffixes for different functions are attached to the respective stem in a precisely defined sequence. This is why pronouns and prepositions, as we know them from German and English, are superfluous in Hungarian and simply non-existent. The Hungarian language has eighteen cases and a total of 27 case suffixes.

A Complex Language with Many Tricks

It is only natural to expect that such a wide range of possible linguistic choices and relationships should allow for particularly nuanced descriptions. This is why a translation into Hungarian from a language that does not have these properties is a real challenge and should only be performed by appropriately qualified professionals. The fact of the matter is that most European languages actually do not possess such properties. They are mostly inflected languages (with the exception of Finnish and Estonian) and not in any way related to Hungarian. Nonetheless, Hungarian is an official language of the European Union and competent Hungarian translators are constantly in demand. We work with native Hungarian translators who have an excellent command of the language. Only native Hungarian translators will be able to translate your text into English with the appropriate cultural and linguistic accuracy. Give us a chance to show you our expertise. Send us your text for translation via email or by using the quote request form on the right. You will promptly receive our free quote. We look forward to your call!

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We are well prepared for this task. You can rely on us to translate your documents from English or from one of over 150 languages into Hungarian. Our agency would only assign such projects to translators who are native speakers of Hungarian. However, good knowledge of the language alone is not sufficient to produce a translation that accurately reflects the content of a specialized text. The translator has to be able to grasp the the meaning of the source text and convey it into the target language using the appropriate specialized target language terminology. We ensure this by working exclusively with translators who have at least one area of specialization. Our translators are very familiar with the subject matter in their area(s) of specialization and know well both the source and target language specialized terminology. Send us your documents for translation and see for yourselves the quality of our work! Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us. We would be happy to talk with you and answer your questions.

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