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Dari is the version of New Persian that is spoken in Afghanistan and therefore also called Afghan Persian. In addition to Pashto, Dari is one of the official languages of Afghanistan. About five million people of its population speak Dari as their native tongue. It is also the lingua franca for communication between ethnic, religious, linguistic, and national groups. Dari is also spoken in some areas of Pakistan and Iran. The reason for this is deeply rooted in history and partially due to the the centuries of nomadic migration between the countries. Dari, which has adopted many loan words from Persian and Arabic, is nevertheless a language of its own. The font is generally based on the Arabic alphabet, but represents a version of the Arabic font due to its distinctive features. A professional translator would be familiar with these differences and would take them into consideration while translating. If you need a high quality accurate translation of your English documents, you have come to the right place. Our translation agency employs only native translators who are capable of producing adequate translations of your texts. Each time, you will receive a quality translation from us. See for yourself and contact our competent project managers bytelephone or by email.

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Do you need a reliable professional translation to Dari of your English business or private communications with your partners or contacts in Afghanistan? Other allegedly "exotic" languages are also not a problem for us. Please call us or write to us, we have the right translator for you. We work with native speakers who have known Dari since childhood and, of course, also have excellent English language skills. However, even the best language skills are of little help if the translator is unable to grasp the meaning of the text due to lack of specialized technical knowledge. We have a good solution for this problem: Each one of our translators has relevant knowledge in one or more professional areas. He/she understands very well that area and is familiar with its technical terminology. So we can offer you professional translations into Dari of texts in the field of economics, science, technology, medicine, art, and culture, as well as professionally translated legal documents, computer manuals, and Internet-related articles among other texts. Regardless of the text, we make sure that the rendition of the content is correct and the language is free of errors and flows naturally. Try us, pick up the phone today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Please send us the text for translation with your notes, if any, by email or via the quote request form on the right side of our web page. Our project managers will evaluate the scope difficulty of the job and then provide you with a quote. Once you have placed the order with us, our translators set to work. We work quickly and reliably to make sure that the translation is ready and delivered to you by the agreed upon deadline. In case of special rush orders, we can also consider your desired delivery time. Our experienced staff will always deliver high quality error free work, even when the deadline is tight.


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