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Translation Service Provider Fasttranslator
As a modern state, Israel is a relatively young country, whose population has increased almost ninefold since then. It is now essentially an immigration country. Today's generation is one of ambitious businessmen with more of an American business attitude, mixed with the serenity of an Eastern mentality. Americans will have very few language problems in this country. The business language is English. Still, to make an impression with impeccable communication, Hebrew professional translations are essential. At translation agency Fasttranslator you will receive these translations very quickly and reliably. Not only linguistically correct, but also in terms of specialized vocabulary – our translations are consistently high quality. No matter what field you work in, we will find the right translators for your project. In addition to doctors and lawyers, we also have technical experts and marketing professionals translating for our translation agency. Take advantage of our broad array of services and contact us today.

Israel’s economic structure

The country is poor in water and in raw materials, but rich in the diversity of its economy. The chemical and pharmaceutical sectors are major industries, as are defense and security, real estate and the diamond trade. The private market is small, only lightly interlinked, and due to the shortage of its own resources, Israel is more of an outward-oriented economy. Exports include industrial products from the textile and plastics industry, defense and high-tech manufacturing. The economic hubs are Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. In the north and south of the country, cooperative organizational forms such as the kibbutzim and moshavim largely determine the economy. The European Union is one of Israel's major trading partners, both for imports as well as exports. The US and UK are particularly important in the import sector. Today, tourism is one of the country's largest industries. The Dead Sea in particular attracts many visitors from all over the world. If you wish to invest or do business in Israel and need a reliable partner and professional translations, then you've come to the right place. We work exclusively with native-language translators, who have grown up with Hebrew and speak the language perfectly. Our project managers have many years' experience and would be happy to personally advise you with any questions byphone. You can also send us the text to be translated using the Quote Request Form to the right. Simply select the language combination you need and the desired delivery date. We will perform a comprehensive analysis and send you a no-obligation quote.

Business negotiations are both loose and focused

In Israel, when it comes to business negotiations, fast and practical solutions are the rule. These can take place at a business lunch or dinner, or in a relaxed and casual atmosphere, with original business ideas and proposals. People make themselves comfortable, so you can leave jacket and tie at home; the greater worry is about being overdressed. Business appointments may also be made suddenly, even on weekends or holidays, late in the evening or at night. Israeli businessmen are tough negotiators, but at the same time very hospitable. Detailed brochures and catalogs are very popular with Israelis, as are printed figures during in-person negotiations, as it underscores the seriousness of the business. In written communication, people get straight to point and avoid flowery formulations. Our native-language translators know the intricacies of the Hebrew language and Israeli culture. They don't just translate your texts correctly linguistically, but culturally too, always finding the right tone. Our legal expert translators know Israeli law and are able to translate specialized source texts into Hebrew professionally. The same applies to our other specialist translators, such as our technical experts and marketing professionals. Find out for yourself about our offer and contact us by phone today, or by email. We look forward to hearing from you!


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