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Most people know the saying: "Trust is good, control is better". This saying can also be converted into the following sentence: "Trust is good, contracts are better". It does not matter whether it’s the translation of contracts for different industries, leases or also industrial contracts, all types of contracts create binding agreements in respective matters. Business contracts belong to the daily work of many lawyers. But lawyers are not the only professionals who deal with the issue. Contracts are common projects for us as a translation agency. Our translators pay attention to the corresponding language as part of their special expertise. They are familiar with the legal issues and translate your business contracts, standard-compliant, and with legal expertise.

Legally binding contracts are the be-all and end-all of business relations

From the founding of a company or a loan to the conclusion of a lease, – from the moment there are two different parties in mutual dependence, the important and individual details need to be regulated under a business agreement. However, it is often the case that contracts are increasingly needed in the private sector. Legally speaking, every single purchase is a conclusion of a purchase contract. Even jobs that go to a broker or craftsmen, binding contracts and professional activities are recorded in a contract of employment.

Sample contracts - these are also legally binding

It seems that most agreements of private and working life are based on so-called standard contracts. These contracts are still absolutely binding. However, not every contract must be shared with a notary because the same conditions prevail and often only certain paragraphs are adapted to the specific situation of the contractual relationship. However, in the case of pre-printed contracts it must be insured that clauses have not been inserted by a party which would disadvantage the second party. These contracts then no longer have legal validity.

Legal certainty through business contracts

In regards to employment contracts, only the written form counts and it is also legally prescribed. It is irrelevant whether the employment contract is for freelance jobs, training, temporary or part-time. A contract of employment must be created for each type of employment. After all, this is the essential legal basis of employment. Both employers and employees are protected by a written contract. There are several components that could otherwise lead to complications. This can be in regards to money, an incomplete description of the work, or also a poor scheme of paid leave. In regards to the world of work, contracts have become increasingly diverse. Contracts can also be individually elaborated.

Secure yourself and your contracts - with professional translations

A contract is concluded, to protect business and relationships. Contracts define rights and obligations. It is all the more important that a contract is absolutely sound. In the translation of a contract, this is the first rule, of course. It’s not sufficient however to be a native-language translator if you would like to translate a legal text. The translator must know the legal requirements of the country. Legal jargon must also be an area of particular specialization. Then, the translator is able to translate your contract in light of the subject-specific terminology. We have legal translators, legal translating specialists to translate your contracts into your target language. Trust us and let us provide translations of your business contracts. We will gladly advise you and look forward to your call!


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