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Singapore, a city state known for its contrasts, provides a solid foundation for a future business presence. In addition to the service sector which represents up to three quarters of the entire economy, trade and financial services remain highly popular. Even the industry sector is in a constant game of catch up. It’s really no wonder that this generates over 25 percent of the country’s GDP. Therefore, many foreign investors continue to be interested in coming to Singapore to pursue profitable business operations in multiple industries. Before doing so, a business will most likely have to conduct a time-consuming and costly analysis of their own chances in the market. Anyone in this situation would benefit from having mastered Singapore’s different spoken languages. Take advantage of our years of experience and receive first class and reliable translations into Chinese. Contact our professional project managers for an individual consultation.

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Because Singapore is heavily involved in international trade and has a long history with Britain, the dominant language of the Singapore business world is English. Even though Singapore has other official languages such as Malay and Tamil, Chinese remains the everyday language of communication. Business people from Europe may run into minor linguistic complications during a meeting or when trying to find their way to the nearest supermarket. Written documents and papers are also known to cause stumbling blocks that one would be happy to avoid if at all possible. In moments like this, we remain by your side with professional translations. Regain the time to focus on the more important aspects of the business life. Send us the texts you would like to have translated by email or by using the request form located on the right hand side of the site and we will provide you with a non binding quote as soon as possible.

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In talks and negotiations with members of economic regulation agencies, foreign investors and business people can quickly obtain a real understanding of multilingual economic development. Many financial institutions and media outlets remain under the control of the state which aims to maintain traditions and make use of Chinese or other Asian languages. Don’t miss out on the various tax benefits and foreign aid; get a competent partner on board to assist you. We’ll even translate more advanced documents for you with the same speed and reliability. Contact us!

Singapore - a tax haven

Another interesting aspect is Singapore’s liberal tax structure which was modeled after the Swiss system. In this structure, foreign returns are not taxed and can be easily invested for lucrative gains. Don’t hesitate to make use of our fast and precise translations to fully prepare yourself for negotiations with financial institutions. Gaining confidence and maintaining long-lasting partnerships are key constituents to a business’ success in Singapore. You must be able to navigate the hustle and bustle of the Asian world of business. We’d love to help you do this by providing you with custom translations into and from Chinese. Would you like to learn more about our services? Do you need an Estonian translation? Email your request now. You will quickly receive a free quote.


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